ketogenic diet provides relief for multiple sclerosis patients

German neurologist Jörg Nellis has revealed that the ketogenic or Keto diet can provide relief for multiple sclerosis patients, thus improving their quality of life.

Dr Nellis explained that multiple sclerosis (MS) which is an autoimmune disease, is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the nervous system.

As the immune system attacks the nervous system impulses transmitted between nerve cells are slowed down, which in turn leads to physical disabilities such as trouble walking, numbness in the arms and legs and general fatigue.

Nellis added that MS causes an imbalance in metabolism in the brain, which leads the nerve cells to depend on fat as an energy source.

Therefore, the keto diet is well suited to provide the required amounts of fat for energy production, as it is based on consuming more healthy fats derived from meat, fish, vegetable oils, and nuts and fewer carbohydrates.

Aside from proper nutrition, MS symptoms can also be alleviated through drug treatment and regular exercise, which helps increase endurance, muscle strength, coordination and balance.

Al Jundi

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