“Abu Dhabi Health” Successfully Treats Thyroid Cancer Using Radioactive Iodine

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), a subsidiary of the PureHealth Group, has successfully utilised radioactive iodine to treat a 54-year-old patient with thyroid cancer who is also in the final stages of kidney disease.

This achievement marks a significant advancement in the use of radioactive iodine for treating a patient requiring dialysis while in isolation, setting a new precedent in innovative, collaborative, and safe healthcare practices.

The treatment was carried out through collaboration between specialists at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, a subsidiary of SEHA, and the SEHA Kidney Care Centre.

The procedure was overseen by a team of experts in nuclear medicine, endocrinology, kidney care, dialysis services, environmental health and safety, and engineering.

This multidisciplinary approach was crucial in addressing the unique challenges posed by the patient’s condition.

Radioactive iodine is a key treatment for thyroid cancer in the post-surgical phase, requiring precise dosages based on a graded risk assessment of potential patient complications. The multidisciplinary thyroid cancer team unanimously decided on a total thyroidectomy followed by radioactive iodine treatment post-surgery. The primary focus was ensuring the safety and effectiveness of dialysis during the patient’s isolation period after undergoing radiation therapy.

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