Russian Scientists Develop Vaccine Against All Types of Cancer

Russian scientists have successfully developed a vaccine that targets all types of cancer, which passed initial tests conducted on laboratory mice.

According to Russian academic Alexander Ginsburg, the new cancer vaccine was successfully tested on mice with melanoma. Researchers observed a significant difference in tumour size between vaccinated and unvaccinated mice 15 days after vaccination when the immune system began to respond.

Moreover, the unvaccinated mice died within 19 to 22 days, whereas the vaccinated mice remain alive to this day.

Ginsburg explained that the vaccine was created using mRNA technology and is expected to be administered to cancer patients either directly into the malignant tumour or intramuscularly, depending on the patient’s condition.

If given orally, the vaccine would reach the liver due to its lipid coating. However, when injected into the tumour or muscles, it would be distributed evenly throughout the body.

This breakthrough promises to significantly advance cancer treatment, potentially improving survival rates and quality of life for patients.

Al Jundi

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