ARTIS, BIN HILAL Announce Joint Venture to Provide SENTINEL Active Protection for Military Vehicles

Artis, LLC (Artis) and Bin Hilal Enterprises, LLC (BHE) have signed an MOU in Paris to form a joint venture (JV) to provide the Sentinel All-Threat Defeat System (known as Improved Iron Curtain or simply I2C overseas) active protection system for military vehicle fleets.

The JV will offer manufacturing and engineering services and will extend to lifecycle support, spare parts, field services, warranty support and training.

The JV will meld the extensive active protection experience of Artis with the business and cultural acumen of BHE.

“Sentinel is a third-generation APS, and is the most advanced system in the world. It is the only active protection system that can protect against all threats,” said Artis CEO Keith Brendley.

Al Jundi

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