Providing Unique Job Opportunities …. National Service Career Fair kicks off On May 13th

The National Service Career Fair constitutes a bridge between National Service cadets, graduates and organisations from the government, semi-government and private sectors.

It enables the sons and daughters of the nation to learn new skills and engage in the labour market while familiarising themselves with the latest trends.

These efforts align with supporting the vision of the wise leadership in the UAE towards Emirati youth by providing employment and educational opportunities, fostering their development, and considering them the cornerstone of the nation’s vision. This vision aims to serve the country in economic, commercial, and educational domains.

Supporting Emiratization Programs

The National Service Career Fair supports local and international entities in achieving the goals of Emiratization programs, increasing the number of citizens in the workforce, and enhancing their contribution to economic development.

Moreover, participants benefit from various incentives that align with the UAE government’s vision towards its citizens, ensuring the best job opportunities, achieving Emiratization goals, and leveraging governmental initiatives to benefit companies and institutions.

Per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, their Highnesses, Supreme Council Members, Rulers of the Emirates, the 7th edition of National Service Career Fair will be held under the generous patronage of the National Service Reserve Authority, and organised by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding, at the Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC) in Expo Dubai City for three days from May 13th to 15th, 2024.

The Fair garners significant interest and response from national service cadets and graduates seeking job opportunities to build their professional futures and fulfil their ambitions.

It also attracts visits from dignitaries and officials from both military and civilian sectors to oversee operations and ensure the availability of all facilities and resources for recruits, assisting them in finding employment.

Key Event

The National Service Career Fair 2024 is a pivotal event for job seekers and institutions, reflecting the UAE’s responsibility and care towards its national service cadets and graduates. It facilitates communication channels with educational institutions and companies seeking qualified applicants for employment.

This event comes at a critical juncture as the world strives for economic recovery and requires skilled labour to contribute positively across various sectors.

Attracting 20,000 attendees from various sectors and specialisations, the 7th edition of the fair features a total area of approximately 11,741 square metres.

Participating entities will showcase numerous vacant positions for graduates of national service who possess responsibility, discipline, skills, and high values instilled during their service.

Participants and Objectives

The National Service Career Fair aims to bolster patriotism, responsibility, and discipline among graduates of national service, enhancing their prospects of securing suitable employment in the UAE job market.

Moreover, this event seeks to support national service recruits in the UAE by securing job opportunities and education before completing the national service training program.

Furthermore, it aims to bridge the gap between talented individuals and institutions seeking to bolster their workforce with committed professionals dedicated to serving their nation.

This is achieved through a diverse range of exhibitors representing governmental, semi-governmental, defence and security sectors, healthcare, education, telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, aviation, hospitality, embassies, transportation, infrastructure, training, media, and more, enabling participants to explore a wide range of career paths and unique job opportunities.

For job seekers, the fair provides a unique platform that brings together national service recruits and graduates to interact directly with potential employers, learn about industry trends, and showcase their skills and qualifications.

Rich and Diverse Programs

The Fair will offer over 30 workshops, seminars, and social networking sessions, providing valuable resources for professional development and growth, as well as opportunities for training and education for national service cadets and graduates in various fields to continue learning.

Furthermore, the National Service Career Fair 2024 goes beyond connecting employers with potential employees and opening channels of communication between national service recruits and graduates with participating entities from various sectors. It promotes patriotism and a sense of duty among citizens, encouraging them to contribute to the development and security of their nation.

In line with the UAE’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, the fair will also feature discussions on emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and the role of innovation in national service, reflecting a forward-thinking approach dedicated to shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, the National Service Career Fair 2024 plays a vital role in rebuilding economies, enhancing talent, and strengthening the fabric of society by bringing stakeholders from various sectors together as well as shaping the future of national service in the UAE.

National Service Career Fair 2024.. FACTS AND FIGURES

Speakers = 40+

Exhibition space = 11,741 sqm + SQM

Partners, Sponsors & Exhibitors = 60+

Workshops = 30+

Attendees 2024 = 20,000+

Industries and Sectors = 15+

Participating Industries and Sectors

Government Sectors, Semi-Government Sectors, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, Aviation, Hospitality, Embassies, Transportation, Education, Security, Healthcare, Engineering and Construction, Training, Media and Energy.

2023 Reflections, Achievements and Takeaways

Total number of visitors over the 3 days: 18841

Cadets and Graduates hired on the spot = 1613+

Interviews scheduled post-event = 6722+

CV’s collected = 8017+

By: Ikram Bendalla (Military Affairs Specialist)

Al Jundi

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