Morning Workouts Increase Bone Strength and Length

A recent study conducted in China has found that working out after waking up in the morning increases bone strength and length compared to evening workouts.

The study, conducted at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, involved placing mice on a treadmill for daily training sessions over four weeks. The experiment revealed that the femur bones of mice that exercised immediately after waking were about 3% longer and 25% thicker than those of mice that exercised closer to their bedtime.

Researchers concluded that morning exercise may accelerate bone growth and help maintain bone mass. Although humans are different from mice, the researchers suggested that individuals looking to maximise the bone-strengthening benefits of exercise might find morning workouts more effective.

However, the researchers emphasized the importance of exercise type over timing, noting that this has a more significant impact on bone health. For example, swimming does not provide the same bone benefits as running.

Bone mass begins to decrease in midlife, so the positive impact of exercises such as running, jumping, and weightlifting, as highlighted by the study, is crucial for preventing fractures as people age.

Al Jundi

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