A monthly, print, electronic, cultural and military journal published in Arabic and English by the Ministry of Defence of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Under the directives of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, minister of defence, Al Jundi Journal was launched in October 1973, with the aim of covering news and activities of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.


Al Jundi Journal has focused, since its inception, by utilizing an elite of prominent writers and specialists in the defence and security field from around the world, to publish studies, researches, reports, and specialized military subjects dealing with researches and analysis of a number of vital issues and topics of interest to observers in the United Arab Emirates, the Arab region and the world.


The journal, with its printed version, website and digital platforms, is keen to monitor and keep abreast of the most prominent political, military and security events, news of new weapons and the scientific and technological developments that modern technologies and artificial intelligence have achieved in the military field.


In order to achieve its goals and meet the requirements of readers and followers, Al Jundi dedicates important portion of its pages to publishing investigations and interviews with high-ranking military and civilian figures with a reputation around the world.

Al Jundi Journal is also interested in publishing articles of distinguished Emirati, Arab and foreign writers.


To enrich the cultural and scientific scene, Al Jundi Journal publishes, through its various chapters, reports and cultural, economic, medical, and sports topics.


Al Jundi Journal publishes annually several supplements that keep pace with the most important events in the United Arab Emirates.



 Al Jundi Journal has built solid relationships and strategic cooperation with a large number of local military manufacturers and producers, as well as with the regional and international ones, through its permanent annual participations in the most important international defence and aerospace exhibitions and its coverage of local, Arab and international conferences. It also conducts comprehensive media coverage that keeps pace with events and meets the needs of readers and observers through modern style and designs in the print magazine, daily newsletters, the website, social media platforms and multimedia.



Al Jundi Journal aims to support the military, aerospace and security sector in the UAE with specialized content that helps to achieve an accurate and realistic understanding of the UAE interests and national security.


The journal also aspires to be the primary and trusted source for military media content in the UAE and the Arab region, and to enrich the cultural and scientific landscape with content that appeals to and meets the requirements of experts, specialists, university students and researchers, keeps pace with the aspirations of clients and strategic partners, and promotes the production and dissemination of knowledge and military culture and supports national development.


The message

Contributing positively to the production of knowledge that serves decision-makers in the UAE and the military and security sector, locally and in the Arab world, according to the highest professional standards.

Al Jundi

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