H.E Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, Chairman of Defence Services Asia to : «Al Jundi» .. The huge volume of participation foretells impressive success for Dsa & Natsec

The Defence Sevices Asia‭ (‬DSA‭) & ‬NATSEC ASIA exhibition is one the most significant events in the world of defence and security‭,‬‭ ‬particularly in Southeast Asia‭. ‬These exhibitions bring together military officials and defence industry stakeholders from around the globe biennially in the Malaysian capital‭, ‬Kuala Lumpur‭, ‬to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in the fields of defence and security‭.‬

These exhibitions play a vital role in enhancing cooperation and defence capabilities among nations‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬they serve as prominent platforms for introducing the latest technological advancements in the military and security domains‭, ‬encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange among relevant companies and institutions‭. ‬To get a closer look at the key features and highlights‭ ‬of DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA 2024‭, “‬Al Jundi‭” ‬Journal interviewed Mr Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin‭, ‬the Chairman of the Asian Defence Services Exhibition‭, ‬who shared insights in the following dialogue‭:‬

Tell us about the Defence Services ASIA 2024‭ (‬DSA 2024‭) ‬Malaysia and the new features that the exhibition will offer this year‭.‬

DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬are hosted‭, ‬supported‭, ‬and co-organised by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Home Affairs‭ (‬KDN‭) ‬on a biennial basis‭. ‬

This event is the largest defence and homeland security exhibition in Southeast Asia‭.‬

The exhibition features displays highlighting defence equipment and state-of-the-art technology‭, ‬complemented by presentations on the latest weaponry systems and safety solutions‭, ‬catering to the varied needs of the Armed Forces‭, ‬Police Forces‭, ‬Homeland Security Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies‭.‬

This event also marks the third edition of NATSEC Asia which is held concurrently with DSA 2024‭ ‬to attract greater participation‭ ‬among security practitioners and players in the global Defence and Security industries‭.‬

The goal of this program is to bring together key international stakeholders to meet‭, ‬interact‭, ‬and exchange ideas aimed at strengthening the global defence industry‭, ‬while also elevating Malaysia’s standing on the world stage‭.‬

With the theme‭ “‬Building National Resilience for the Next Generation‭,” ‬DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬will take place from May 6‭ ‬to May 9‭, ‬2024‭, ‬at the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre‭ (‬MITEC‭), ‬Kuala Lumpur‭.‬

We are introducing several enhancements to this year’s edition including‭:‬

•‭ ‬DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA LAB‭:‬‭ ‬A platform that provides opportunities for small enterprises and startups to showcase their innovations‭, ‬products‭, ‬and services‭. ‬This platform not only allows them to present their capabilities to potential customers but also opens doors to attract investors or collaborate with global companies for international market expansion‭.‬

•‭ ‬FUTURE FORCES SEGMENT‭:‬‭ ‬A groundbreaking new segment with a primary focus on innovation‭, ‬technology‭, ‬AI and tactical data‭, ‬the Future Forces segment is‭ ‬set to revolutionize the way forces engage in modern warfare that requires technology integration‭, ‬multi-domain operation‭, ‬net‭-‬centric warfare‭, ‬stealth‭, ‬and precision‭.‬

•‭ ‬DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA TV‭:‬‭ ‬A media channel that will cover DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024‭’‬s daily activities‭. ‬This platform provides the latest updates on the industry‭, ‬featuring interviews with captains of industries as well as delegations‭.‬

•‭ ‬UAV‭, ‬Drone‭, ‬and Robotics Pavilion‭:‬‭ ‬This pavilion is a collaborative effort with the National Aerospace Industry Corporation‭ (‬NAICO‭) ‬Malaysia‭, ‬featuring several local companies‭. ‬It aims to give them a platform to demonstrate their capabilities‭, ‬expertise‭, ‬and innovations in drone technology‭, ‬AI‭, ‬and robotics in defence and security systems‭.‬

Who should be an exhibitor at DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia 2024‭?‬

DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬is the premier platform for professionals and businesses operating in the defence and security sectors‭. ‬Ideal exhibitors for this event are those engaged in cutting-edge technologies‭, ‬innovative solutions‭, ‬and advanced equipment in the following areas‭:‬

Land‭, ‬Airborne and Sea Platforms‭, ‬Surveillance Systems‭ & ‬Equipment

Battlefield Healthcare

Command‭, ‬Control‭, ‬Communication‭ & ‬Information Technologies

Research‭ & ‬Development‭, ‬Design Consultancy‭, ‬Training‭, ‬and Services

Electronics‭, ‬Systems‭, ‬and Equipment

Uniforms‭, ‬Protective Equipment‭, ‬and Body Accessories

Special Equipment‭ & ‬Miscellaneous

Safety‭ & ‬Security Equipment

CBRNE Equipment

Optics‭ & ‬Optronics

Propulsion Systems

Maritime Platforms‭, ‬Systems‭ & ‬Equipment

Weapons‭, ‬Weapon Systems‭, ‬Ammunition‭ & ‬Explosives

Unmanned Systems and Robotics

Although DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬is sold out‭, ‬bookings for 2026‭ ‬are already underway‭. ‬We invite all businesses and organisations‭ ‬across these sectors to consider joining us in 2026‭, ‬where you can showcase your innovations‭, ‬connect with industry leaders‭, ‬and‭ ‬engage with a global audience interested in defence and security advancements‭.‬

What are your expectations for the DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA 2024‭ ‬in general and the size of the local and international participation in this session‭?‬

We are thrilled to share that our expectations for DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA 2024‭ ‬have been greatly exceeded‭. ‬This year’s event is set to be our largest yet‭, ‬with over 13‮٢٤‬‭ ‬participating companies from 60‭ ‬countries and a total of 48,000‭ ‬square meters of occupied Area at MITEC Kuala Lumpur‭. ‬

This represents a significant 30%‭ ‬increase in exhibition space compared to our 2022‭ ‬edition‭, ‬which covered 38,600‭ ‬square meters‭ ‬and had 1,096‭ ‬companies from 49‭ ‬countries‭.‬

Additionally‭, ‬DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA 2024‭ ‬will feature 34‭ ‬international country pavilions‭, ‬showcasing a diverse range of technologies‭ ‬and innovations from around the world‭. ‬Among the largest pavilions are those from Turkey‭, ‬China‭, ‬the UAE‭, ‬Italy‭, ‬and the United‭ ‬States of America‭.‬

These numbers reflect the growing importance of DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA as a premier event in the defence and security industry‭, ‬attracting top-level participants and exhibitors from all over the globe‭. ‬

We’re excited to welcome such a large and diverse group of industry leaders and innovators to Kuala Lumpur‭, ‬where we anticipate‭ ‬a dynamic and impactful event‭.‬

How do you see the participation of defence companies in the exhibition and what’s new in this regard‭?‬

As mentioned‭, ‬the participation of defence companies in DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA 2024‭ ‬has exceeded all expectations‭. ‬This growth in country pavilions underscores the broadening scope and global interest in the exhibition‭.‬

The increased participation and the variety of exhibitors suggest that defence companies are enthusiastic about showcasing their‭ ‬latest technologies and innovations‭.‬

This year’s event will spotlight cutting-edge developments in defence and security‭, ‬fostering collaborations and offering unique‭ ‬networking opportunities‭. ‬It has become a pivotal platform for industry stakeholders to connect‭, ‬share insights‭, ‬and explore the latest trends‭.‬

With such strong participation and a significant increase in international representation‭, ‬DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC ASIA 2024‭ ‬is set to be a‭ ‬dynamic and impactful event‭, ‬providing attendees with unparalleled opportunities to engage with leading defence companies from‭ ‬around the globe‭.‬

Where do you see the location of DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬on the map of international defence and security exhibitions‭?‬

DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬is the ultimate tri-services and homeland security event in Asia‭, ‬placing it firmly on the map of similar‭ ‬major international exhibitions‭. ‬Held in Malaysia’s capital‭, ‬the exhibition is a prime gathering point for the global defence and security community‭.‬

What sets DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia apart is its focus on all branches of the armed forces and homeland security‭. ‬This unique combination attracts leading defence and security companies‭, ‬high-level government officials‭, ‬and international delegations‭, ‬providing a comprehensive view of military and security advancements‭.‬

In summary‭, ‬DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia 2024‭ ‬is a key event on the international defence exhibitions calendar‭, ‬known for its tri-services‭ ‬orientation and strong international presence‭, ‬offering attendees unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry leaders and explore the latest trends in defence and homeland security‭.‬

Do you have any message that you would like to send to the readers through Al-Jundi Journal‭?‬

I call on all defence and security enthusiasts to take part in the event to benefit from its exclusive access to key decision-makers and engage with government ministers‭, ‬secretary generals‭, ‬chiefs of services‭, ‬international delegations‭, ‬and other high-ranking officials who play pivotal roles in defence and security‭. ‬It constitutes a unique opportunity to build connections with influential figures and communicate with the defence and security sectors‭, ‬enabling various parties to meet with a wide range of professionals and experts from the defence and security sectors‭.‬

Moreover‭, ‬this global event features high-level conferences and discussions‭, ‬offering a rich program of international conferences‭, ‬round table talks‭, ‬B2B meetings‭, ‬forums‭, ‬product live demonstrations‭, ‬and dialogue sessions‭. ‬These events are designed to promote learning‭, ‬exchange ideas‭, ‬and foster industry collaborations‭.‬

Furthermore‭, ‬DSA‭ & ‬NATSEC Asia form the largest defence and homeland security Event in Asia‭, ‬offering an ideal environment to exchange ideas‭, ‬establish partnerships‭, ‬and explore innovative solutions‭.‬


  • Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin‭.‬
  • Chairman of Defence Services Asia‭.‬
  • He graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor‭ (‬Honors‭) ‬degree in Economics‭. ‬
  • He holds a Diploma in European Economic Integration from the University of Amsterdam‭. ‬
  • He has 36‭ ‬years of experience in public service and his last position was the Secretary General of the Ministry of International‭ ‬Trade‭ & ‬Industry Malaysia‭, ‬which he held since May 1992‭. ‬
  • Prior to his retirement in 2001‭, ‬he served as a Board member of the Malaysia Technology Development Corporation‭, ‬Multimedia Development Corporation‭, ‬Malaysian Trade Development Corporation‭, ‬Permodalan Nasional Berhad‭, ‬Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation and Perbadanan Johor‭. ‬
  • He served as the Senior Economic Counselor for Malaysia in Brussels and worked with several international bodies such as the Association of South East Asian Nations‭ (‬ASEAN‭), ‬World Trade Organisation‭ (‬WTO‭) ‬and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation‭ (‬APEC‭), ‬representing Malaysia in relevant negotiation and agreements‭.‬

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