MG (RET.) Charles Beaudouin, Chief Executive Officer of COGES EVENTS to: «AlJundi» .. Eurosatory 2024 Promises to offer the best and latest defence and security solutions

The new era that is beginning is characterised by five megatrends of a geopolitical‭, ‬economic‭, ‬societal‭, ‬environmental and technological nature‭, ‬forcing public and private players in the defence and security sector to face up to several challenges‭, ‬such as‭ “  ‬stock of sovereignty‭” ‬by encouraging a policy of‭ “‬reindustrialisation based on chosen rather than imposed dependencies‭”.‬

Eurosatory is thus firmly positioned as the‭ “‬exhibition for all crises‭”, ‬offering solutions in defence‭, ‬homeland security and civil security that are unequalled anywhere in the world‭. ‬New world‭, ‬new challenges‭, ‬new solutions‭!  ‬To learn more about the key features and highlights of Eurosatory 2024‭, ‬which will be held in Paris from 17‭ ‬to 21‭ ‬June 2024‭, ‬Al-Jundi Journal interviewed retired Major General Charles Baudouin‭, ‬CEO of COGES EVENTS‭, ‬the organising company of Eurosatory 2024‭ ‬and had the following dialogue with him‭:‬

Tell us about Eurosatory 2024‭ ‬and the new features that the exhibition will offer this year‭. ‬

Once again at the heart of global developments‭, ‬Eurosatory stands out as the unmissable gathering for the entire international Defence and Security Industry‭. ‬Both the reflection of its markets and witness to their transformation accelerated by multiple crises‭: ‬geopolitical‭, ‬economic‭, ‬societal‭, ‬climate‭; ‬and the explosion of artificial intelligence‭, ‬Eurosatory accompanies global transformations around the triumvirate of Defence‭, ‬Security and crisis response‭. ‬As the world leader in its category‭, ‬Eurosatory had‭ ‬a duty to further develop this offering in addition to its traditional range of equipment and solutions for land and air-land‭. ‬That’s why for the 2024‭ ‬edition‭, ‬trade visitors will discover a range of solutions for managing humanitarian and environmental crises‭.  ‬These solutions will be widely available all over the show but will also once again be the focus of a special feature‭, ‬offering an original take on a selection of international companies from a dozen countries presenting solutions dedicated to humanitarian and environmental crises‭: ‬the HELPED area‭ (‬standing for Humanitarian Emergency Logistic Project and Eco-Development‭) ‬over an‭ ‬area spanning 2,500‭ ‬sqm‭. ‬

In a world first for Eurosatory in 2024‭, ‬an exhibition zone will be set aside exclusively for helicopters‭. ‬Action on the ground‭ ‬in all its forms‭, ‬from high-intensity conflicts to humanitarian disaster management‭, ‬encompasses all domains‭ (‬land‭, ‬air‭, ‬space‭, ‬naval and cyber‭). ‬In this context‭, ‬the use of helicopters in air-land operations is of paramount importance‭.‬

Live demonstrations

Live demonstrations will be conducted at the show every day and are a must-see feature of the show‭. ‬Taking place on a surface area of over 20,000‭ ‬sqm‭, ‬these demonstrations in real-life conditions offer visitors an immersive look at the operational capabilities of the cutting-edge equipment and systems presented by manufacturers‭. ‬These impressive demonstrations are also a unique opportunity to witness the operational performance of France’s armed forces and elite units‭.‬

Eurosatory Lab

Eurosatory Lab is a veritable innovation ecosystem‭, ‬where start-ups can interact with industry experts‭, ‬investors and decision-makers‭, ‬and an essential lever in the quest for‭ ‬“disruptive”‭ ‬innovations that will make a difference in the fields of military defence and civil security‭. ‬The 2024‭ ‬edition of Eurosatory Lab promises to be particularly lively‭, ‬with more than 60‭ ‬international startups registered‭. ‬

Moreover‭, ‬participants come from various fields including new materials‭, ‬3D printing‭, ‬inexhaustible energy resources‭, ‬genomics‭, ‬artificial intelligence‭, ‬big data‭, ‬cloud-based computing‭, ‬the Internet of Things and blockchain‭.‬

Eurosatory 2024‭ ‬will also be a genuine forum for exchange and debate‭, ‬bringing together more than 200‭ ‬world-renowned experts and‭ ‬influential figures to reflect on current and future challenges‭. ‬By shedding light on the latest innovations and promoting discussion around practical solutions to emerging challenges‭, ‬the talks and panel discussions aim to become a driving force for progress in defence and security‭.‬

Who should be an exhibitor at Eurosatory 2024‭?‬

Eurosatory 2024‭ ‬will bring together more than 2,044‭ ‬exhibitors from more than 62‭ ‬countries and 51‭ ‬national pavilions‭, ‬across more than 170,000‭ ‬sqm of exhibition space‭, ‬making this edition the largest in the history of Eurosatory and the world’s largest tradeshow in its sector‭.‬

Furthermore‭, ‬leaders from Defence‭, ‬Homeland Security and Civil Security‭ ‬–‭ ‬Assistance to Populations‭, ‬will participate in this event‭. ‬Eurosatory is a multidomain tradeshow‭: ‬while the land defence domain‭ ‬represents the majority share‭, ‬the exhibition offering includes 48%‭ ‬of exhibitors working in other domains‭ ‬–‭ ‬space‭, ‬naval‭, ‬air‭, ‬cyber‮…‬‭ ‬

The entire value chain will be present at the show‭, ‬39%‭ ‬are Component manufacturers‭, ‬24%‭ ‬are Sub-system manufacturers and 17%‭ ‬are Prime contractors‭ / ‬Manufacturers‭. ‬

What are your expectations for Eurosatory 2024‭ ‬in general and the size of local and international participation in this session‭?‬

This 2024‭ ‬edition will be the biggest in our history‭, ‬and the history of any professional defence and security show in the world‭. ‬We’ll be welcoming over 2,000‭ ‬exhibitors from every continent‭. ‬Among them‭, ‬we’ll have 32%‭ ‬of new exhibitors‭, ‬2/3‭ ‬of whom are international‭.  ‬Moreover‭, ‬the Middle East accounts for 8%‭ ‬of our Exhibitors this‭ ‬year‭. ‬The previous edition‭, ‬in 2022‭, ‬was already a record‭. ‬This year‭, ‬we’re increasing the number of exhibitors by 17%‭, ‬for a 29‭% ‬increase in exhibition space‭.‬

Where do you see the location of Eurosatory 2024‭ ‬on the map of international exhibitions‭?‬

Eurosatory is the global crossroads for defence and security actors‭, ‬the international showcase for technologies and the gateway‭ ‬to the European markets‭, ‬enabling all players in the defence and security ecosystem to meet‭, ‬exchange ideas and expand their business networks‭. ‬This is reflected in the number of technological innovations presented at the show‭, ‬and the contracts and partnerships unveiled during it‭. ‬

The show is specialised in‭ “‬land and air-land systems‭”, ‬but perfectly reflects the sector’s various synergies‭: ‬dual technologies‭, ‬multi-purpose products‭, ‬defence and security‭, ‬and so on‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬the exhibition includes areas for high-level exchanges and‭ ‬product demonstrations/showrooms with talks‭, ‬keynotes‭, ‬one-to-one business meetings‭, ‬live demonstrations‭, ‬specialised zones‭, ‬technology hubs‭, ‬etc‭.). ‬Eurosatory therefore meets the needs of the defence and security markets and responds to the hottest geopolitical issues‭, ‬and simulates supply through its services and tools‭, ‬enabling participants to showcase their products and innovations in just a few days‭. ‬The strength of the event lies in the fact that it is organized by COGES EVENTS‭, ‬a company that is both‭ ‬an expert in the organization of global events and a specialist in its sector‭, ‬as a subsidiary of a defence and security industrial group‭, ‬with a deliberate focus on service to industry‭.‬

Do you have any message that you would like to send to the readers through Al-Jundi Journal‭?‬

As you may have noticed‭, ‬Eurosatory is reinforcing its position as the leading Defence and Security exhibition‭. ‬Eurosatory is the place to be in 2024‭. ‬It’s a unique opportunity to meet all the industry’s manufacturers and buyers‭. ‬If you are a public or private sector decision maker in the Defence and Security community‭, ‬a government member‭, ‬a professional of the Armed Forces or Homeland Security Forces‭, ‬or a Civilian Security or Crisis Management professional‭, ‬Eurosatory is your show‭.‬



  • Major General‭ (‬Retired‭) ‬Charles Beaudouin‭ ‬
  • CEO of COGES EVENTS since July 2022‭ ‬and Managing Director since October 2020
  • He has 38‭ ‬years of experience in the French Army‭, ‬where he held a variety of responsibilities
  • He has qualifications in scientific and technical military studies in land weapons systems and from the joint defence college‭, ‬he was a panel member at the 44th session of the Centre for Advanced Armament Studies
  • In 2013‭, ‬appointed brigadier general‭, ‬he became director of the army’s technical section‭.‬
  • In 2017‭, ‬as a major general‭, ‬he was appointed deputy chief of staff for plans and programmes in the French army‭, ‬his last position in the armed forces‭.‬

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