Hamad Al Marar, MD & CEO EDGE Group to : «AlJundi» Disrupting the Industry with Advanced Technology and Defence Solutions

Launched in November 2019‭, ‬the UAE’s EDGE is one of the world’s leading advanced technology groups‭, ‬established to develop agile‭, ‬bold and disruptive solutions for defence and beyond‭, ‬and to‭ ‬be a catalyst for change and transformation‭.‬

Moreover‭, ‬EDGE is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge innovations‭, ‬technologies‭, ‬and services rapidly and efficiently‭, ‬enhancing the UAE’s position as a global hub for future industries‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬it aims to create clear pathways within the sector for‭ ‬the next generation of high-calibre talent‭, ‬enabling them to achieve success and prosperity‭. ‬By focusing on the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies‭ (‬Industry 4.0‭), ‬EDGE is at the forefront of developing sovereign capabilities for global export and maintaining national security‭. ‬It collaborates with frontline operators and international partners‭, ‬leveraging advanced technologies such as autonomous systems‭, ‬cyber-physical systems‭, ‬advanced propulsion systems‭, ‬robotics‭, ‬and smart materials‭. ‬EDGE combines research and development‭, ‬emerging technologies‭, ‬digital transformation‭, ‬and market innovations with military capabilities to develop innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients‭.‬

To gain a closer insight into the latest from the Emirati group‭, ‬Al Jundi Journal interviewed Mr Hamad Al Marar‭, ‬Managing Director and CEO of EDGE Group and had the following dialogue‭:‬

Could you share your strategic vision for the future of defence systems in the changing geopolitical landscape‭, ‬and how does EDGE Group plan to stay at the forefront of technological advancement and contribute to global security‭?‬

Since our inception five years ago‭, ‬our core mission has been to disrupt the defence industry with an advanced‭, ‬multi-domain portfolio of sophisticated air‭, ‬land and sea products‭, ‬smart weapons‭, ‬critical infrastructure and digital and cyber solutions‭. ‬We have been successful in meeting this objective and have grown our suite of products and solutions to over 160‭ ‬in total‭ ‬–‭ ‬a spectacular 500%‭ ‬increase since our outset‭. ‬

Our commercial footprint has also grown substantially and now stretches to over 50‭ ‬countries and across 5‭ ‬continents‭, ‬solidifying our reputation as a global player and as a major exporter of defence systems‭. ‬To capitalise on our growth‭, ‬we will continue to‭ ‬pursue our aggressive product roadmap‭, ‬harness and develop breakthrough technologies‭, ‬strike partnerships with industry players‭, ‬diversify our capabilities portfolio‭, ‬and explore commercial opportunities locally and globally‭.‬

In a rapidly evolving defence and technology landscape‭, ‬how does EDGE Group stay ahead as a leader in innovation and competitiveness‭?‬

EDGE is one of the fastest-growing defence conglomerates in the world‭, ‬having secured over 60‭ ‬billion AED worth of contracts since the Group’s consolidation‭. ‬Our significant growth can be attributed to several strategic ventures‭. ‬From investing in our highly skilled workforce and pursuing strategic partnerships to acquiring high-value companies‭.  ‬Take‭, ‬for instance‭, ‬our local and international‭ ‬acquisitions‭, ‬which now total 13‭. ‬These acquisitions have significantly contributed towards our ability to level up our technology capabilities‭, ‬expand our portfolio of solutions and bolster our manufacturing strength‭.‬

Among our key acquisitions is MILREM ROBOTICS‭, ‬a world leader in robotics and autonomous systems‭. ‬Having recently opened an office in Abu Dhabi‭, ‬local customers can now capitalise on our expanded operations with unprecedented access to our suite of combat‭-‬proven and highly modular unmanned ground vehicles‭. ‬

We also recently acquired ANAVIA‭, ‬a Swiss company specialising in the design‭, ‬development and manufacturing of versatile VTOL‭ (‬Vertical Take-Off and Landing‭) ‬systems‭. ‬

Other notable acquisitions include SIATT‭, ‬our entity for smart weapons and precision-guided armaments‭; ‬CONDOR‭, ‬one of the top five industry leaders in Non-Lethal Technologies‭ (‬NLT‭) ‬worldwide‭; ‬and FLARIS‭, ‬which specialises in state-of-the-art fixed-wing aerial systems‭. ‬

EDGE Group has been actively forming partnerships globally‭. ‬What are the strategic importance of these collaborations and how do‭ ‬they contribute to the group’s overall vision‭?‬

It is critical to understand that our international partnerships play a central role in strengthening our defence and advanced technology value chains‭. ‬These collaborations support export growth‭, ‬boost national capabilities‭, ‬contribute to EDGE’s Industry 4.0‭ ‬framework and enhance the UAE’s industrialisation strategy‭. ‬

Let’s consider our recent landmark agreement with Adani Defence‭ & ‬Aerospace‭, ‬which will create a global platform to leverage the defence and aerospace capabilities of both our companies‭. ‬Not only will this partnership establish defence and aerospace R&D facilities in India and the UAE for development‭, ‬production‭, ‬and maintenance purposes‭, ‬but it will also deepen our foothold in South Asia and strengthen critical supply chains within the region and wider global markets‭. ‬

Another significant partnership is the launch of MAESTRAL‭, ‬our joint venture with Fincantieri‭, ‬one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world‭, ‬which will see the creation of a naval manufacturing pipeline worth 30‭ ‬billion euros‭. ‬

We can also highlight our collaboration with Spain’s INDRA‭, ‬a world-leading information technology and defence systems company‭, ‬which will significantly fast-track the development‭ ‬of next-generation radars and open new opportunities in high-growth markets‭. ‬These international partnerships‭, ‬to name only a few‭, ‬are pivotal in advancing our strategic goals and solidifying our position as a disruptive global player in the defence and advanced technology sectors‭.‬

As an advanced technology-focused organisation‭, ‬how does EDGE Group foster a culture of innovation among its teams‭, ‬and what role does cutting-edge technology play in your overall strategy‭?‬

At the heart of every flagship product or ground-breaking system designed or built at EDGE‭, ‬is a team of exceptionally talented‭ ‬individuals turning concepts into reality‭. ‬Human capital is key to our success‭, ‬which is why we foster a culture of innovation at EDGE and actively support the development of future technology experts and leaders in science‭, ‬technology‭, ‬engineering‭, ‬and mathematics‭ (‬STEM‭). ‬We achieve this by partnering with academic institutions and offering comprehensive learning and development programmes within the Group‭. ‬We also utilise our award-winning Industry 4.0‭ ‬roadmap to transform local industrial capabilities‭, ‬enhancing efficiency and leveraging cutting-edge emerging technology‭ ‬–‭ ‬such as artificial intelligence and machine learning‭ ‬–‭ ‬to streamline processes and drive digital solutions‭. ‬

What challenges and opportunities do you foresee for EDGE Group in the coming years‭, ‬especially in the context of geopolitical shifts and advancements in technology‭? ‬

Today‭, ‬the world finds itself in an increasingly uncertain and precarious position‭, ‬making tomorrow’s security landscape unpredictable and the defence industry vulnerable to sudden changes‭. ‬Disruptive technologies‭, ‬such as artificial intelligence‭, ‬electronic warfare‭, ‬secure communications and cybersecurity‭, ‬are already critical in driving national security‭.‬

That is why EDGE is heavily investing in all of these priority domains‭, ‬to ensure we stay ahead of tomorrow’s national security and critical infrastructure concerns‭. ‬At EDGE‭, ‬we ensure that we are positioned to respond in real-time to the growing needs of our clients‭, ‬such as the critical demand for operational readiness‭, ‬international supply chain reinforcement‭ ‬and access to advanced autonomous aerial systems‭, ‬land systems‭, ‬cyber defence infrastructure and secure communications solutions‭.‬

Building a skilled workforce is crucial for success‭. ‬How does EDGE Group invest in talent development and ensure that its teams‭ ‬are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in a dynamic industry‭?‬

We believe that innovation and talent development are rooted in learning‭, ‬a crucial pillar of our long-term strategy‭. ‬

EDGE represents a global workforce of over 12,000‭ ‬exceptional personnel of more than 95‭ ‬different nationalities‭. ‬To equip our teams with the necessary skills‭, ‬we established the EDGE Learning and Innovation Factory‭ (‬LIF‭), ‬a state-of-the-art Industry 4.0‭ ‬advanced technology learning centre‭. ‬

Our facility combines theory‭, ‬technology and practice under one roof to drive improvements and inspire an innovative approach to‭ ‬transform future processes and products‭.‬

The Learning and Innovation Factory has developed around 49‭ ‬different trainings under Lean‭, ‬Six Sigma‭, ‬Industry 4.0‭, ‬Analytics and Agile methodologies‭. ‬To offer outstanding learning experiences‭, ‬LIF has onboarded a diverse group of high-performance experts‭ ‬from across the world to develop and deliver these training programs‭.‬

In an era of rapid technological advancements‭, ‬how does EDGE Group adapt to change‭, ‬and how do you ensure that the organization‭ ‬remains agile and responsive to evolving market demands‭?‬

Technological advancements present both challenges and limitless possibilities‭. ‬At EDGE‭, ‬we stay ahead of industry trends by focusing and capitalising on emerging technologies‭. ‬In doing so‭, ‬our cross-domain expertise and team of specialists enable us to research‭, ‬design‭, ‬and manufacture innovative technological and security solutions for our customers‭. ‬By way of example‭, ‬EDGE uses‭ ‬early conceptualisation phases and open architecture instead of restrictive black boxes‭. ‬This approach accelerates the introduction of modern product development to the international market‭, ‬allowing for greater flexibility and faster adaptation to new developments‭. ‬Our forward-thinking strategy helps us maintain our competitive superiority in a rapidly evolving industry and‭, ‬crucially‭, ‬enables us to meet our growing client requirements effectively‭. ‬

Given the increasing importance of cybersecurity‭, ‬how does EDGE Group address the challenges and threats in this domain‭, ‬especially considering the sensitive nature of the industries you serve‭?‬

We believe it is our responsibility‭, ‬as a leading advanced technology and defence company‭, ‬to pioneer ground-breaking solutions‭ ‬which can effectively counter the growing tide of cybersecurity threats‭. ‬For this reason‭, ‬we have been heavily investing in and‭ ‬acquiring technologies and capabilities we believe will have the most significant impact in responding to critical infrastructure challenges‭. ‬

From among our growing digital security portfolio is our entity‭, ‬KATIM‭, ‬a leader in secure communications‭, ‬providing ultra-secure smartphones and post-quantum network encryptions to ensure constant security of sensitive data‭.‬

Our recent acquisition of ORYXLABS has also added award-winning cybersecurity solutions to our suite of capabilities‭, ‬offering effective organisation monitoring of government and company IT landscapes‭, ‬identification of potential vulnerabilities in digital‭ ‬infrastructure and networks‭, ‬as well as integrated cybersecurity compliance management‭. ‬

Lastly‭, ‬our entity BEACON RED adds critical national security capabilities to our range of cyber assets‭, ‬by designing custom training scenarios for cyber operations and integration‭.‬


  • Hamad Al Marar
  • Managing Director‭ & ‬Chief Executive Officer‭, ‬EDGE Group
  • He is responsible for the worldwide strategic‭, ‬commercial‭, ‬and operational management of EDGE
  • Al Marar was formerly President of the Missiles‭ & ‬Weapons cluster at EDGE‭, ‬where he provided oversight and strategic direction on the development and business functions of four companies within the cluster‭ – ‬AI TARIQ‭, ‬CARACAL‭, ‬HALCON‭, ‬and LAHAB‭.‬
  • He was Chief Consulting Officer at Tawazun Economic Council‭ (‬TEC‭), ‬overseeing strategic client partnerships and providing advisory support based on operational research‭. ‬
  • He was General Manager of Tawazun Dynamics‭ (‬now AL TARIQ‭), ‬a standoff weapons joint venture in its concept phase‭.‬
  • With the establishment of Tawazun‭, ‬he was entrusted with managing complex stakeholder partnerships and defence contractors‭, ‬initially across Europe and then globally‭. ‬
  • He has been a speaker on several leadership forums‭, ‬with a focus on advancing the human capital agenda and excellence in the defence sector‭, ‬and serves on several committees and boards in an advisory capacity.


» Interviewed by‭: ‬ «AlJundi»

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