Dentistry at Zayed Military Hospital.. A leading beacon in high-end and sophisticated services

The wise leadership and officials of the UAE consider Dentistry to be of great importance for the armed forces, as it represents an essential pillar of safety and good performance, especially in the UAE’s military, which relies on a comprehensive scientific approach that puts the safety of people at the forefront of its strategic goals.

In this context, Zayed Military Hospital and its outpatient clinics are considered pioneers in providing high-end dental services, which they provide through a highly-qualified medical staff possessing various superior skills to perform all services as per the highest international standards.

These services include providing comprehensive facial, maxillofacial and dental care to all employees of the Ministry of Defence and their families.

These services include providing comprehensive maxillofacial and dental care to all employees of the Ministry of Defence and their families. The dental services department at Zayed Military Hospital uses cutting-edge mechanisms, technologies and the best staff to ensure the success of treatment plans and achieve the patient’s goals.

Dentistry spans Multiple specialities and the dental services provided in the military sector include:

General Dentistry

This service is concerned with providing primary care and developing the appropriate treatment plans for problems associated with oral and dental health.

This service is provided by a general dentist who is trained and qualified to provide a wide range of dental services, including health education, dental fillings, simple surgical extractions, and pulpectomy.


The service of correcting teeth and improving their position in relation to the jaw to improve their various functions, such as chewing and aesthetics to fundamentally improve the quality of life.

Orthodontic services are provided by different orthodontic devices according to the patient’s needs.


Tooth loss can affect various dental functions, which negatively affects the patient’s quality of life. Prosthodontics specialists provide extensive services for full or partial oral rehabilitation, through various treatments, including the use of crowns and dental veneers, bridges, and dental implants that help restore dental functions and an aesthetic smile.

Root canal treatment

This speciality is concerned with the treatment of infections of the dental nerve and the tissues surrounding it.

Dental services in the armed forces provide dental nerve treatments through specialized doctors and use modern medical techniques to preserve teeth health and prevent their loss.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The maxillofacial surgery team performs one-day dental surgeries, such as wisdom teeth surgeries and jaw cysts removal, as well as major surgeries, such as facial and maxillofacial bone reconstruction surgeries after war injuries and accidents, particularly car accidents, which are the main cause of facial and jaw fractures.

Gum disease treatment

This department offers preventative measures and treatments for gum diseases as well as plastic surgery for the gums, and dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Periodontists at Zayed Military Hospital work closely with oral surgeons, dentists, prosthodontics technicians and orthodontists to ensure that patients receive the highest levels of lasting care.

Zayed Military Hospital’s dental laboratories

As a mainstay for supporting the specialized dental clinics at Zayed Military Hospital and the medical centres of the Medical Services Corps, the Dental Laboratory Department at Zayed Military Hospital provides comprehensive laboratory services to patients.

These laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment and use the latest and best dental materials, according to the highest standards in the region.

These services are managed by highly qualified and experienced dental technicians to provide the ideal restoration services for oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, fixed prosthodontics made of zircon materials using modern 3D digital technology systems (CADCAM), in addition to removable dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

Modern digital scanning systems in dental clinics for computed tomography (CBCT) have also been linked to 3D printing devices in dental laboratories, which in turn increased the speed and ease of performing dental implants with high accuracy.

By: Colonel Doctor: Ebrahim Abdulla Alblooshi – Head of the Department of Dentistry at Zayed Military Hospital – Abu Dhabi

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