Ways to Avoid Leg Clots During Long Trips

The risk of developing a leg clot increases during bus or plane travel due to prolonged sitting on trips exceeding 4 hours, warned Professor Thomas Yelenik.

Prolonged sitting causes blood to accumulate in the legs, hindering its return to the heart, and leading to blood clotting in the legs.

The scientific director of the Travel Medicine Center in Germany added that leg clots can potentially travel through the bloodstream to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism, a life-threatening condition.

The German expert explained that the risk of leg clotting is particularly elevated for individuals with heart failure, vascular damage, or a history of blood clots, emphasizing that even healthy individuals and athletes are not immune.

To prevent leg clots during long journeys, it is advisable to stand up and walk periodically while staying well-hydrated with fluids such as water and tea.

Additionally, wearing compression stockings can improve blood flow in the veins, providing an extra layer of protection against clot formation.

Al Jundi

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