Symptoms of Occult Hernia

The German Society for General and Abdominal Surgery stated that occult hernias not only affect infants but adults as well.

The Society explained that with an occult hernia, tissue protrudes from the abdominal cavity through a weak point in the groin area.

Depending on the severity of the case, fat tissue, peritoneum, or even intestinal loops may reach the hernia sac.

The Society added that risk factors for occult hernias in adults include weak connective tissue, increased intra-abdominal pressure, obesity, pregnancy, heavy lifting, and certain diseases like ascites (fluid buildup containing protein in the abdomen).

Symptoms of Occult Hernia

Swelling and inflammation in the groin area

Pain from compression of internal organs in a confined space

Blood in stool



Rapid heartbeat

Moreover, the society pointed out that some cases may require surgery while others may not.

To prevent occult hernias, efforts should be made to lose excess weight and avoid heavy lifting, along with exercising to strengthen abdominal and core muscles.

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