Symptoms of hot weather exposure during work and military exercises

Symptoms and treatment methods


Symptoms: Red lumps of boils and small blisters on the neck, upper chest, the groin, under the breasts, or the folds of the elbows.


First aid:

Keep the afflicted area dry.

Spray powder to ease discomfort.

Try working in places that are as cool and less humid as possible.

Cramps caused by hot weather

Symptoms: Pain and muscle spasms that occur mostly in the abdomen, arms or legs.


First aid:

Stop the activity completely and sit down in a cool place.

Drink fresh juice and plenty of water.

Seek medical attention if you suffer from heart disease or are on a low sodium/salt diet.

Refrain from returning to hard work for several hours after muscle cramps have subsided, as exertion may lead to heat exhaustion or stroke.

Fainting caused by hot weather

Symptoms: dizziness, dizziness, loss of consciousness.


First aid:

Lay on your back and elevate your legs and feet slightly.

Drink water, juice, or a hydration drink slowly if possible.

Head directly to the nearest medical center.

 Heat exhaustion

Symptoms: sweating profusely, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, sickness, wet skin, pale or bloodshot skin, muscle cramps, a slight increase in body temperature, and shallow rapid breaths.



First aid:

Rest in a cool, shaded, or air-conditioned area.

Drink plenty of water or other cold, non-alcoholic drinks.

Take a cool bath or shower using a sponge.

Stay under observation and if the condition does not improve, seek help from the nearest medical center or hospital.

Heat stroke

Symptoms: Hot and dry skin or excessive sweating, hallucinations, sudden chills, pulsating headache, confusion, dizziness, and confused speech.


First aid:

Call the emergency number and notify the officer in charge.

Move the afflicted person to a cool shaded area.

Reduce the patient’s body temperature using one of the following methods:

1- Wet his clothes with water

2- Sprinkle water on his body or wash it with a wet sponge, or bathe him in water.

3- Expose the patient’s body to cool air.

Tips to stay healthy while working and doing military exercises in hot weather

1- Drink enough water daily.

2- Eat vegetables and fruits every day.

3- Make sure to take breaks throughout the day when working in hot weather.

4- Add a little salt to the food.

5- Check the color of your urine (it should be light yellow).

6- Avoid drinks that contain large amounts of sugar.

7- Make sure you get enough sleep at night.

8- If you feel unwell, inform the officer in charge.

Source: Medical Services Corps – Public Health Division

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