Switching to Electric Cars Reduces Asthma Symptoms in Children

A scientific study conducted in the United States has revealed that transitioning to electric cars, instead of fossil fuel-powered ones, will have a significant positive impact on the health, quality of life, and lifespan of millions, especially young children living near highways and in congested urban areas.

The study, conducted by the American Lung Association, suggests that the shift to electric cars could prevent around 3 million asthma attacks and hundreds of children’s deaths due to respiratory diseases.

Additionally, it could alleviate millions of upper and lower respiratory health problems.

The research found that approximately 27 million children live in residential areas with elevated air pollution levels. The harm inflicted on children due to air pollution is described as “immediate and long-term.”

William Barrett, the lead researcher, stated that 120 million people in the United States breathe polluted air, with 72 million residents living along major transportation routes in the country.

He explained that diesel-powered trucks are a significant contributor to air pollution, accounting for 5 – 10% of vehicles on the roads but producing the majority of smoke emissions composed of ozone and nitrogen.

Health Risks of Ozone Gas

Barrett emphasized that ozone gas, in particular, poses severe health risks. Once it enters the human body, it causes damage comparable to sunburns and leads to inflammation and deterioration of respiratory tissues.

Moreover, he shed light on the efforts of the U.S. administration to convert large trucks to electric power. President Joe Biden’s administration has committed to having 30% of trucks on American roads operating on electricity by 2030.

He underscored the necessity of taking further actions, such as increasing the number of electric charging stations and providing tax exemptions for electric vehicles, along with other financial incentives to promote this type of transportation.

Furthermore, Barrett concluded by emphasizing the need for more effort in light of the escalating climate crisis.

Al Jundi

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