Study: Earwax blockages constitute a serious problem

A study conducted in the UK has highlighted a problem that increasingly affects people’s hearing, which is earwax blockages.

Conducted by a research team from the National Institute for Health and Care Research at the University of Manchester, the study found that there are more than 2 million in Britain alone, suffering from the accumulation of wax inside the ear and requiring regular removal sessions.

Earwax consists of fallen skin cells and secretions of the wax glands located inside the outer ear.

Researchers analyzed the medical data of 500 adults who resorted to the National Health Care Service in Britain while suffering from wax accumulation, which caused a blockage and hearing difficulties.

The team found that earwax affects the ability to communicate with others, makes it difficult to listen to television or hear the sounds of the surrounding environment, and can lead to a feeling of discomfort or ringing in the ear.

Furthermore, 60% of participants in the study stated that they find the earwax problem very annoying, while 80% said that they felt immediate improvement once the wax was removed.

“If someone wants to simulate the feeling of wax accumulation in the ear, he has to stick his fingers inside his ears for several days, only then can he realize the seriousness of this problem,” said Dr Kevin Monroe, who specializes in ear diseases and hearing problems at the University of Manchester.

“The traditional method of removing earwax by injecting water with a syringe into the ear is no longer recommended,” he added, noting that “there are other modern and safer methods for earwax removal”.

“It is a common misconception that relying on drops to melt wax alone is enough to get rid of this problem, as the melted wax has to be suctioned out of the ear, which cannot be done at home, and must be done by specialized doctors” he explained.


Al Jundi

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