Smart Insulin for Diabetes Treatment

A team of chemists, pharmacists, and experts in polymer science from the United States and China has developed a “smart” insulin dose for treating diabetes.

This innovative dose has successfully regulated blood sugar levels for up to a week in test mice and guinea pigs.

Polymers are long chains of molecules formed by the linkage of small particles called monomers, typically containing carbon and other elements.

Type 1 diabetes results from insufficient insulin production by the pancreas. Its treatment requires following a specific diet and regular insulin doses.

Many diabetes patients inject themselves daily with insulin, facing challenges such as skin hardening due to repeated injections over time.

According to the study conducted by researchers from Zhejiang University in China and the University of North Carolina in the United States, the team developed an insulin dose that can interact with specific elements within the human body.

This interaction helps maintain insulin in the blood at the needed level for an extended period.

Natural Capsule

The research team clarified that the new insulin dose includes acids and chemical additives that connect with chemicals in the blood.

This interaction retains insulin within a natural capsule made of polymers, releasing it naturally depending on the blood glucose levels.

Researchers found that after getting the smart dose, the blood receives insulin automatically whenever necessary, for example, after finishing a meal.

The researchers view these results as promising for treating Type 1 diabetes and mentioned that they will continue testing the smart insulin dose on test animals before advancing to human trials if positive results persist.

Al Jundi

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