Parkinson’s.. symptoms to watch out for

The German Society for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders explained that Parkinson’s is a disease that affects the nervous system due to causes we don’t fully understand, with risk factors such as genetics, old age and exposure to toxins.

The organisation explained that Parkinson’s kills the neurons that produce dopamine in the brain, which is responsible for controlling movement, thus decline in its production causes Parkinson’s symptoms including tremors, slow and imbalanced movement and muscle stiffness


One of the distinctive symptoms of Parkinson’s is known as “freezing”, which is a movement disorder that means the sudden inability to walk, which lasts between a few seconds and half a minute and is often due to nervous tension, as is the case in front of a traffic light, or when getting off the bus at the next stop.

In addition to the characteristic symptoms, Parkinson’s sufferers often have difficulty thinking, problems with swallowing, smell, bladder, and psychological and sexual problems.

Although it is not curable, its symptoms can be controlled with what is known as dopamine replacement therapy, in addition to walking aids such as crutches and wheeled walkers.

Al Jundi

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