Sub surfaces to let Norway sailors take the plunge

on a hot sunny day this weekend, it wasn’t a Norwegian navy submarine seen plunging into the North Sea, but rather its swimsuit-clad crew who were observed diving in off the hull for a refreshing dip.

With the men in trunks and the women in swimwear, a couple of dozen sailors were photographed diving off the hull of their submarine, the KNM Uthaug, in a fjord in Norway’s southwest.

“Our soldiers also need to cool off in the summer heat,” the Norwegian defence ministry said, posting the photo to its Facebook page.

“These guys spend a large part of their lives underwater. This weekend, they took a dive for a well-deserved break, some fresh air, and a cool dip,” it added.

With a fleet of six submarines, Norway is tasked with defending NATO’s northern flank, opposite Russia’s mighty Northern Fleet.

Al Jundi

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