LED streetlights cause pose severe health risks

A recent study by a group of scientists from Exeter University, on light pollution in European countries has indicated that humans and animals face increasing health risks due to the increase of blue light emitted in the streets from the growing number of LED lamps.

The study authors used images from the International Space Station (ISS) to prove that white LED lights have increased blue light emissions.

The British-based authors wrote in the “Science Advances” journal, that the results of their study indicate that the wide use of LED lights interferes with the ability of people and animals to sleep, reducing its quality and benefits because blue light inhibits melatonin, the hormone that stimulates sleep.

Previous studies have also shown that lighting street lamps at night negatively affects bats and their feeding behavior, in addition, streetlights in the city obscure the stars, and it changes the movement of moths and other insects attracted or repelled by light.

Reference: DPA

Al Jundi

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