How to Treat Cracked Corners of the Mouth

Dr. Uta Schlossberger explained that cracking on the corners of the mouth has several causes, some of which are simple, while others may be more serious.

The German dermatologist clarified that simple causes of cracked corners of the mouth include cold weather in winter and dry indoor air from heaters.

A Serious Health Issue

Schlossberger explained that cracking in the corners of the mouth could indicate a serious health problem, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies like iron and zinc, or bacterial infections.

Additionally, it may be related to dermatological conditions such as neurodermatitis, hay fever, or allergies.

Good Skin Care

When dealing with this condition, the German doctor emphasised the importance of good skin care using moisturising products containing ingredients like shea butter and avoiding skincare products containing mineral oils, as they can strip the skin of moisture.

Home remedies such as honey, especially when mixed with olive oil, can also be helpful. This combination moisturizes dry skin and has antibacterial properties, speeding up the healing process.

Alternatively, you can place a chamomile tea bag on the corners of your mouth for 15 minutes.

In general, it’s best to minimise the use of cosmetics such as lipstick and lip gloss during the winter season, as they can further dry out the lips.

However, if the problem persists for 2 to 3 weeks despite these measures, it’s advisable to consult a doctor.

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