Dangers excessive consumption of energy drinks

Energy drinks provide some benefits such as increased energy and concentration; however, they pose health risks as well, as excessive consumption of energy drinks leads to heart palpitations, diabetes, and tooth decay.

German nutritionist Zielke Volbricht explained that energy drinks contain 32 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, which stimulates the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system and raises alertness and endurance levels during exercise.

Zielke explained that energy drinks could be beneficial if consumed in moderation, noting that according to the European Food Safety Authority, the maximum daily amount of caffeine recommended for a healthy adult is 400 mg.

Furthermore, German nutritionist Anke Eilers warned against excessive caffeine intake, which causes nervousness, sweating, heart palpitations and other cardiovascular disorders.

“Caffeine is not the only problem in energy drinks, as they also contain a large amount of sugar, as the large package contains about 60 grams of sugar, equivalent to 20 sugar cubes, which raises the risk of obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay”, Anke warned.

References: DPA

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