الرائد/ سعيد عبيد الكتبي
رئيس تحرير مجلة الجندي
Maj./ Saeed Obeid Al Ketbi

A Year of Goodness and Blessings

Yesterday, we said goodbye to a year and welcomed a new year, and we said goodbye to it with all the joys, sorrows and successes that it had brought with it, though, we do not know what the new year will bring us.

2021, a year which we rushed to come, and whose events and circumstances tired some and grieved them, and at the same time made some others happy. While we are on the threshold of a new year whose content we do not know, we draw help from God Almighty. Let us remember that we are in a moment of farewell, and that what is going through us was nothing but a memory that may live with us throughout our lives. As we bid farewell to a year, we welcome another year full of events that we do not know which way will lead us, but we will have to live and coexist with it.

Will the new year pass like the previous one? Or will it be a new year and a new life? We hope that it will be a different year, a year in which we achieve success that we could not accomplish in previous years, a year full of goodness, happiness and stability, after last year in which humanity has suffered so much. It has suffered a pandemic that had a bad impact on all aspects of life.

While the world was busy wrestling with this pandemic, and the consequent calamities and disasters, the UAE did not succumb to this epidemic that pervaded the whole world. Rather, it was a hand that fought and a hand that built, an eye that monitored the homeland and the happiness of its people and those who live on its land, as it considers them its responsibility and their safety is its duty, …and an eye looking at the distant horizon…to the sky…to where Mars is… its engineers and technicians flew a spacecraft there, to explore the treasures of this planet and probe its depths.

Inspired by national duty, Al Jundi Journal played its role, like other sisterly publications, it interviewed, wrote and published purposeful articles. At the same time, it sought development and progress. This is what we learned from our wise leadership. We learned that success has no limits and it has no end.

As the UAE opens its arms to us, we have to be grateful to it, and for what it has offered us, and not forget the efforts made by its leaders, and everyone who has dedicated himself to serving his country and its people, to provide us with luxurious and decent life.

Thank you for your generous leadership.

Every year, we wish that our President, Vice President, his faithful Crown Prince, Rulers of the emirates, the Sheikhs, their sons and all those residing on the UAE’s good land are fine.

Al Jundi

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