Humaid Saeed Al Dhaheri, Vice Chairman of Bin Hilal Enterprises to «Al Jundi»: We provide services and products that modernise and enhance the effectiveness of defence forces

Bin Hilal Enterprises is one of the top Emirati institutions providing state-of-the-art‭, ‬innovative defence and security services and solutions in the UAE‭, ‬GCC countries and the wider Arab region‭. ‬

Boasting extensive experience in meeting client requirements and satisfying market demand‭, ‬BHE produces‮ ‬integrated‮ ‬high-quality‭ ‬and sustainable defence and security products and‮ ‬solutions‭.‬

To gain closer insight into Bin Hilal Enterprises and its latest offerings‭, ‬as well as its key future projects‭, ‬Al Jundi Journal‭ ‬interviewed Mr Humaid Saeed Al Dhaheri‭, ‬Vice Chairman of Bin Hilal Enterprises and had the following dialogue with him‭:‬

Talk to us about Bin Hilal Enterprises and its fields of work in general‭, ‬and about the most prominent products that the company‭ ‬offers to its customers

Bin Hilal Enterprises‭ (‬BHE‭) ‬has been at the forefront of the UAE Defense Industry since the early 1970s‭, ‬developing a sustainable national defence economy by partnering with leading European and US defence manufacturers‭. ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises is a dynamic‭ ‬player in the defence sector‭, ‬demonstrating a strong commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and services‭. ‬The company’s‭ ‬involvement in defence spans various fields‭, ‬showcasing a comprehensive approach to addressing the evolving needs of modern security landscapes‭.‬

In the defence section of its work‭, ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises excels in several key areas‭, ‬including‭: ‬

Strategic Consulting‭: ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises offers strategic consulting services to assist governments and defence agencies in formulating effective defence strategies‭. ‬This involves analyzing geopolitical trends‭, ‬and threat assessments‭, ‬and recommending tailored solutions to enhance national security‭. ‬

Technology Integration‭: ‬The company specialises in integrating advanced technologies into defence systems‭. ‬This includes the seamless integration of unmanned and autonomous solutions‭, ‬cybersecurity measures‭, ‬and state-of-the-art communication systems to create comprehensive and efficient defence platforms‭.‬

Supply Chain Management‭:‬‭ ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises has a robust supply chain management system‭, ‬ensuring a timely and reliable provision of defence equipment and materials‭. ‬This includes everything from weaponry and vehicles to critical components for complex defence systems‭. ‬

Training and Simulation‭:‬‭ ‬The company recognises the importance of well-trained personnel in defence operations‭. ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises provides training‭ ‬and simulation services‭, ‬utilizing advanced technologies to prepare defence forces for various scenarios‭, ‬enhancing their readiness and effectiveness‭. ‬

Maintenance and Support‭:‬‭ ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises is committed to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of defence systems‭. ‬The company provides maintenance and support services‭, ‬offering timely repairs‭, ‬upgrades‭, ‬and technical assistance to maximize the operational lifespan of defence equipment‭. ‬

These offerings showcase the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive and technologically advanced solutions to meet the‭ ‬diverse challenges faced by defence agencies globally‭. ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises stands as a strategic partner in the defence sector‭, ‬offering a wide range of services and products that contribute to the modernization and effectiveness of defence forces worldwide‭.‬

How important is the UAE and GCC market to BHE‭?‬

The UAE and GCC markets hold immense significance for Bin Hilal Enterprises as a defence solution provider‭. ‬The geopolitical landscape in the region underscores the critical need for advanced defence capabilities‭, ‬and as the Vice Chairman of BHE‭, ‬I recognize the strategic importance of catering to local demands‭.‬

The UAE and GCC markets not only serve as a core customer base but also contribute to shaping the company’s research and development initiatives‭. ‬The unique challenges and requirements of the region have driven Bin Hilal Enterprises to tailor its defence solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients‭, ‬fostering a strong sense of collaboration and trust‭.‬

Moreover‭, ‬with the region’s increasing focus on enhancing its defence infrastructure and capabilities‭, ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises sees substantial growth opportunities‭. ‬The company is committed to playing a pivotal role in supporting national and regional security objectives by delivering cutting-edge defence solutions‭. ‬Bin Hilal Enterprises views the UAE and GCC markets as integral partners in its journey toward innovation and excellence in the defence sector‭.‬

The company’s investments in technology‭, ‬local talent development‭, ‬and strategic partnerships underscore its dedication to being‭ ‬a reliable and forward-looking defence solution provider in the region‭.‬

What are your recent biggest accomplishments in the defence sector‭?‬

Bin Hilal Enterprises has achieved significant milestones in the defence sector‭. ‬One notable accomplishment is the successful development and implementation of cutting-edge defence solutions that seamlessly integrate advanced technologies‭. ‬Our recent collaboration with strategic partners has resulted in the delivery of highly sophisticated systems tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern defence‭. ‬

Furthermore‭, ‬Bin Hilal’s commitment to innovation is evident in the successful deployment of next-generation platforms‭, ‬enhancing our capabilities to address emerging security challenges‭. ‬These accomplishments underscore our dedication to staying at the forefront of defence technology‭, ‬contributing to the region’s security and reinforcing Bin Hilal’s position as a reliable and innovative defence solution provider‭.‬

How would you evaluate your recent experience and participation in Dubai Airshow 2023‭?‬

Participating in the Dubai Airshow 2023‭ ‬as a defence and aerospace sector service provider has been an immensely valuable experience for Bin Hilal Enterprises‭.‬

The event served as a dynamic platform to showcase our latest innovations‭, ‬engage with industry leaders‭, ‬and forge strategic partnerships‭. ‬

The heightened interest and interactions at our exhibition underscored the growing significance of defence solutions in the global landscape‭.‬

Our team had the opportunity to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and discuss our comprehensive defence offerings with key stakeholders‭.‬

The Dubai Airshow facilitated meaningful dialogues‭, ‬allowing us to gain insights into emerging trends‭, ‬market demands‭, ‬and the evolving needs of our clients‭. ‬This experience has not only reinforced our position as a leader in the defence sector but has also provided us with a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and potential areas for collaboration‭. ‬Overall‭, ‬the Dubai‭ ‬Airshow 2023‭ ‬has been a pivotal event for Bin Hilal Enterprises‭, ‬propelling us forward in our mission to provide advanced and tailored defence solutions for the challenges of the modern world‭. ‬

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