Dr. Alper Ozbilen, Chairman of the Board at PAVO Group for «ALJUNDI»: UAE is vital to our global strategy

PAVO Group‭, ‬based in Turkiye‭, ‬has pioneered technological innovation for over 20‭ ‬years‭, ‬emphasizing global safety‭, ‬significance‭,‬‭ ‬and sustainability in line with top international standards‭. ‬Spanning four sectors‭:  ‬Defence‭ & ‬Avionics‭, ‬Security‭, ‬ICT‭, ‬and Energy‭, ‬the group boasts 7‭ ‬international offices and 10‭ ‬branches within Turkiye‭. ‬Their expertise ranges from Secure Communication and UAV technologies to Cyber Security‭, ‬Cryptography‭, ‬and Energy solutions‭.‬

To get a close look at‭ “‬Pavo Group‭” ‬and its latest developments and most important future projects‭, “‬Al Jundi‭” ‬had an interview‭ ‬with Dr‭. ‬Alper Ozbilen‭, ‬Chairman of the Board at Pavo Group and conducted the following dialogue‭:‬

Talk to us about PAVO Group‭, ‬its fields of work in general and the defence products that the company offers to its customers

As a global advanced technology provider headquartered in Türkiye for the past two decades‭, ‬we have consistently upheld our commitment to leading technological innovation‭. ‬Our unwavering dedication to this principle has driven our operations‭. ‬We pride ourselves on delivering products and solutions that meet the highest international standards‭, ‬thereby making significant contributions to global security and providing sustainable energy solutions to customers across the globe‭. ‬Pavo Group places its core focus‭ ‬on sectors such as defence‭, ‬avionics‭, ‬law enforcement‭, ‬intelligence‭, ‬information technology‭, ‬and e-government‭. ‬Our mission extends beyond the development of products and solutions that ensure resource efficiency‭. ‬We also strive to offer customers opportunities for sustainable growth while fostering robust partnerships to yield innovative results‭.‬

Our domain of expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of critical areas‭, ‬including secure communication‭, ‬tactical and strategic intelligence‭, ‬cybersecurity‭, ‬data analytics‭, ‬cryptography‭, ‬unmanned systems‭, ‬and avionics‭. ‬This expertise significantly influences‭ ‬the current standing and future direction of our defence products and solutions within the defence sector‭.‬

The defence systems developed by Pavo Group stand out for their capabilities in high-precision targeting‭, ‬silent high-speed operations‭, ‬payload handling‭, ‬and the detection of moving targets under various lighting and weather conditions‭. ‬Equally noteworthy‭ ‬are our systems’‭ ‬data collection and analysis capabilities‭, ‬which enable comprehensive situational awareness and end-to-end comprehension of the‭ ‬battlefield‭. ‬

Pavo Group directs its efforts towards positioning its defence systems as secure‭, ‬reliable solutions immune to cyber vulnerabilities‭, ‬backed by their exceptional situational awareness‭, ‬tactical decision-making‭, ‬and predictive analytical capabilities‭.‬

How important is the UAE and GCC market to PAVO Group‭?‬

In recent years‭, ‬the UAE and GCC have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to transforming themselves into technology ecosystems‭ ‬and elevating their technological capabilities and skills through robust policies‭. ‬I consider these efforts to be of utmost importance in shaping the future of Pavo Group‭. ‬The vision set forth by the UAE leadership aligns exceptionally well with Pavo Group‭’‬s mission and vision‭, ‬emphasizing innovation-focused capacity building‭. ‬I have witnessed the highly rational and determined execution of the UAE’s policies aimed at becoming a centre for scientific and technological advancements‭.‬

The UAE‭, ‬renowned for its culture of innovation‭, ‬facilitation of processes for innovative actors‭, ‬groundbreaking support for entrepreneurs‭, ‬and adherence to strong business principles‭, ‬has made meaningful contributions to the international trade and collaboration environment‭. ‬With its economic strength and stability‭, ‬the UAE provides the necessary conditions for research and development investments‭. ‬Creating a conducive environment for innovation is of paramount importance for Pavo Group‭, ‬which values new ideas and capabilities‭. ‬The trust and confidence that the UAE has instilled in us encourage us to invest in technologies proudly‭ ‬bearing the‭ “‬made in UAE‭” ‬label and position the UAE as a crucial hub in our global growth strategy‭. ‬

Pavo Group plans to establish a long-term and comprehensive presence within the UAE‭, ‬aligning its strategies and priorities seamlessly with the country’s vision‭.‬

What is PAVO Group investment in the UAE and who do you primarily work with‭?‬

Based in Abu Dhabi‭, ‬our foremost focus has been on establishing business development‭, ‬pre-sales‭, ‬and post-sales support teams‭. ‬We have initiated the process of transferring our R&D capabilities to be‭ ‘‬made in UAE‭.’ ‬Through collaborations with representatives from both the public and private sectors‭, ‬as well as universities in the UAE‭, ‬we aim to further increase the number of our R‭&‬D projects in the country‭.‬

With each passing day‭, ‬we are strengthening our ties in the UAE and Gulf Region through evolving partnerships‭, ‬and we are committed to contributing to the technological advancement of the region‭, ‬forming sustainable partnerships‭, ‬and strengthening mutual connectivity through sustainable and co-developable technologies‭.‬

We have initiated projects in the UAE specifically related to electro-optics and military autonomous systems‭. ‬We plan to increase our investments in the UAE to transform our expertise in artificial intelligence and data analytics into qualified solutions in target identification and tracking‭, ‬autonomous systems‭, ‬electronic warfare‭, ‬and tactical and strategic planning‭.‬

As operations planning‭, ‬execution‭, ‬and results analysis increasingly rely on data‭, ‬ensuring the reliability of critical infrastructure becomes a prerequisite for harnessing the advantages promised by modern technologies‭. ‬In line with this‭, ‬we have begun investing in providing globally competent cybersecurity solutions‭, ‬services‭, ‬and products in the field of real-time threat detection‭, ‬threat analysis‭, ‬and damage mitigation to enhance cybersecurity in the UAE‭. ‬I expect our cybersecurity activities in the UAE‭ ‬to intensify in the coming period‭.‬

What are your most important defence projects for the next stage‭?‬

Through the power of knowledge and technical expertise in various domains‭, ‬Pavo Group’s solutions in the defence sector stand out for their ability to take swift action‭.‬

In this context‭, ‬the new phase of defence industry projects will be crafted based on the expert project management approach of our esteemed specialists‭, ‬directing them to the right points‭.‬

In this vein‭, ‬we are focusing on projects aimed at enhancing intelligence‭, ‬reconnaissance‭, ‬and electronic warfare capabilities under hybrid and conventional warfare conditions‭.‬

In line with our commitment to leverage the latest technology‭, ‬we are developing projects to offer critical capabilities such as‭ ‬advanced cryptography‭, ‬artificial intelligence‭, ‬and electro-optics to enhance global security and meet the evolving needs of our clients‭.‬

What are your future plans in the sector of defence‭? 

Our main priority in our activities within the defence sector remains to offer products and solutions that enable our partners to maintain their edge in the global competition‭.‬

With established collaborations with numerous robust partners worldwide‭, ‬we fill certain gaps in products and capabilities under‭ ‬the assurance of Pavo Group‭. ‬We aspire to further expand these partnerships‭, ‬aiming to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions‭.‬

Addressing the growing complex needs‭, ‬I’d like to assert with strong confidence‭, ‬based on the current analyses of our R&D activities in Türkiye‭, ‬the UAE‭, ‬and our other locations‭: ‬We will persistently expand our product portfolio with quality products and solutions‭. ‬Partners who align with us during this phase will have a game-changing advantage in the global defence competition‭.‬

‭ ‬What are Pavo Group’s objectives‭?‬

At Pavo Group‭, ‬we adopt a commitment-based partnership approach to enhance trust among teams and maximize project success‭. ‬Within this framework‭, ‬we uphold fundamental principles that contribute to deep collaboration‭, ‬mutual commitment‭, ‬risk management‭, ‬motivation‭, ‬and optimal resource utilization‭.‬

Through our commitment-based approach‭, ‬we aim to embrace the advanced technologies that we have acquired‭.‬

Furthermore‭, ‬Pavo Group’s long-term objectives involve robust investments in technologies such as cryptography and artificial intelligence to shape the future in the following key areas‭: ‬target identification and tracking‭, ‬autonomous systems‭, ‬electronic warfare‭, ‬equipment maintenance‭, ‬tactical and strategic planning‭, ‬military training simulations‭, ‬logistics and supply chain management‭, ‬cybersecurity‭, ‬and secure communications‭.‬

The Gulf region’s market is currently witnessing intense‮ ‬competition‭, ‬What makes PAVO Group’s products attractive to‮ ‬customers‭?‬

The Gulf Region‭, ‬with its robust policies and stability‭, ‬is a hub of attraction for numerous technology providers worldwide‭. ‬Naturally‭, ‬this situation also means that competition within the region reaches a notably high level‭.‬

Starting its operations as a start-up in Türkiye‭, ‬Pavo Group has successfully evolved into a global player even under intense competitive conditions‭. ‬Thus‭, ‬we at Pavo Group‭, ‬view competition as a catalyst for success‭.‬

We have faith in our field-proven‭, ‬consistently reliable‭, ‬innovative‭, ‬and globally standardized products‭, ‬solutions‭, ‬and services that boast superior capabilities‭.‬

At Pavo Group‭, ‬we engage in collaborations on a global scale‭, ‬spanning from‭ ‘‬know-why‭’ ‬to‭ ‘‬know-how‭’, ‬from personnel training programs to technology transfers‭. ‬We possess a structure rooted in open architecture‭, ‬which allows for scalable innovation‭. ‬

Contrary to companies that perceive innovation merely as a part of marketing‭, ‬we are genuinely invested in developing cutting-edge technologies and capabilities‭.‬

We started operations in the Gulf Region aware of the intense competition‭, ‬I believe that several Western companies might face challenges unless they grasp the innovative approach offered by Pavo Group‭.‬●

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