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Al Wasl Square‭, ‬in the‭ “‬Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai‭”, ‬is the most prominent icon of the largest and most prestigious international event of‭ ‬its kind in the world‭, ‬which will be attended by more than 192‭ ‬countries over a period of six months‭, ‬as well as during the period that will follow its conclusion‭.‬
The arena is a meeting place that brings the world together and stimulates the continuity of minds and making the future‭, ‬and will reflect the role of Expo 2020‭ ‬as a global platform to meet the brightest minds in order to identify appropriate solutions to‭ ‬a set of the largest current challenges facing humanity‭, ‬and to develop a sustainable future vision for decades to come‭. ‬The completion of the giant Al Wasl Square dome recently comes with the completion of all construction works for the exhibition by April‭, ‬after which the trial operation of the international event will be launched until next September‭.‬
Beating heart
The square is the heart of the vibrant‭ “‬Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai‭”, ‬and the main center of the 4.3-square-kilometer event site‭, ‬which forms a sustainable oasis with green spaces‭, ‬trees‭, ‬water fountains‭, ‬and services and entertainment facilities to host visitors‭, ‬mass events and huge celebrations during the event‭.‬
This new architectural icon also has special importance not only as it is the most prominent milestone in Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai and the jewel of the event‭, ‬but because it is in addition to the outstanding urban and cultural achievements that Dubai and the Emirates boast before the world‭, ‬as it equals approximately 11‭ ‬tennis ball courts‭, ‬while the size of The steel dome of the square to 724‭ ‬thousand cubic meters‭, ‬i.e‭. ‬nearly 300‭ ‬Olympic swimming pools‭, ‬and height to 67,5‭ ‬meters‭, ‬exceeding the length of the Leaning‭ ‬Tower of Pisa in Italy‭, ‬and 13.6‭ ‬km of steel was used‭, ‬equivalent to the height of 16‭ ‬towers along the Burj Khalifa‭, ‬It weighs‭ ‬2544‭ ‬tons‭, ‬i.e‭. ‬the weight of 25‭ ‬blue whales‭, ‬and is sufficient to house two E-type planes Airbus 380‭.‬
The steel grille of the Al Wasl Square dome is a three-dimensional version of the Expo 2020‭ ‬logo‭, ‬with a width of 130‭ ‬meters and‭ ‬weighing 2544‭ ‬tons‭, ‬i.e‭. ‬the weight of 25‭ ‬blue whales‭, ‬and is sufficient to house two Airbus A380‭ ‬planes‭.‬
The huge dome consists of 1162‭ ‬pieces of steel with a length of 13.6‭ ‬km of steel‭, ‬equivalent to the height of 16‭ ‬towers along the Burj Khalifa‭, ‬assembled in 600‭ ‬parts in factories in Italy and Abu Dhabi‭.‬
People Forum
Al Wasl Square‭ – ‬bearing the old name of Dubai‭, ‬is a symbolic reference to its role since ancient times in linking peoples and cultures‭ – ‬its unique design‭, ‬vast area and giant dome‭, ‬as it is 150‭ ‬meters in diameter and can accommodate about 10,000‭ ‬people at one time‭, ‬and will be a major center during the Expo and after the end of its activities‭.‬
The square is a landmark that not only serves the six months of Expo‭, ‬but also remains for a long time in the future as it is a‭ ‬symbol that inspires future generations‭, ‬not just the current generation‭.‬
Connecting station
The word wasl also embodies the meanings of communication and connetion‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬it will be the main link station for the three theme areas of the event‭: ‬opportunities‭, ‬mobility and sustainability‭, ‬and will be the main destination for many events and the main meeting point for visitors during the international event‭.‬
Al Wasl Square‭, ‬with its innovative design‭, ‬witnessed the participation of hundreds of technicians and construction experts in following up the work‭, ‬day and night‭, ‬in this delicate process and used specialized lifting equipment to complete this mission‭, ‬which represented a unique engineering challenge to turn the square into a tangible reality‭.‬
The process of establishing the dome of Al Wasl Square was one of the most difficult and most accurate engineering operations in‭ ‬the world‭, ‬for several reasons‭, ‬including the complexity of entering the site‭, ‬in addition to lifting the mass and the weight of the crown of the dome is a very complex engineering process‭, ‬with many variables as well‭, ‬of which the simplest example of these variables are the occurrence of a change in the direction of wind or air temperature‭, ‬which are variables that may significantly affect the calculations of the builders‭, ‬making continuous monitoring and reassessment necessary during the process of raising the crown to the top of the dome‭.‬
The opening of the square was crowned by 34-month efforts to prepare for this moment‭, ‬as those preparations began in the first week of April 2017‭.‬
Working on Al Wasl Square dome started 18‭ ‬months ago‭, ‬when the last pieces of the steel dome bars left Italy on June 26‭, ‬2018‭.‬
The first separate components arrived in Dubai in July 2018‭, ‬and the crown was carefully assembled on the ground before being raised to its place‭. ‬After placing the crown of the dome in place‭, ‬then the welding process to install the crown in the structure‭ ‬of the dome‭, ‬took 25‭ ‬days to complete‭.‬
International cooperation
The dome of Al Wasl Square embodies the main emblem of Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai‭, ‬which is‭ “‬Connecting Minds and Creating the Future‭”, ‬as‭ ‬it is the fruit of international cooperation with contributions from companies from 13‭ ‬countries‭. ‬It is designed by the US-based‭ ‬architecture firm Adrian Smith‭ & ‬Gordon Gill‭. ‬The raw steel used to construct the Wasl Square dome was supplied from the Czech‭ ‬Republic‭, ‬Hungary and Poland‭. ‬And companies in Belgium‭, ‬Germany and Spain worked to form the curves of the steel dome of Al Wasl‭ ‬Square‭, ‬before Simoulay Raymond assembled these bars in Italy‭.‬
The steel bars were shipped in batches to Dubai through Dubai Ports World‭, ‬the partner of Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai for international trade‭. ‬Jacobs Mees Consulting‭, ‬the official service provider for Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai‭, ‬worked in the field of program delivery management‭ ‬in the management of operating projects in general‭, ‬and companies from the United States‭, ‬Canada‭, ‬China‭, ‬France‭, ‬Japan and Mexico also play an important role in completing the dome‭.‬
Because of the importance of the role of Al Wasl Square dome in Expo 2020‭, ‬it will turn into a 360-degree display‭, ‬to provide an‭ ‬immersive viewing experience for 360-degree visitors that can be seen from inside Expo‭ ‬and outside‭, ‬and the dome will be provided with the latest displays by Christie’s experts in audiovisuals‭, ‬Expo 2020‭ ‬partner Dubai devices and displays‭.‬
Its corridors will witness many shows‭, ‬performed by first-class artists and celebrities from around the world on important international occasions‭, ‬such as New Year’s Day‭, ‬Diwali and Chinese New Year‭.‬
So far‭, ‬more than 150‭ ‬million work hours have been accomplished at the Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai site‭, ‬where there are currently about 38‭,‬000‭ ‬workers on the site‭, ‬and the number of workers at the peak stage reached 40,000‭, ‬while the participating countries are working to build the completion of their wings at the sites designated for them‭.‬
Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai will be held over a six-month period from October 20‭, ‬2020‭ ‬to April 10‭, ‬2021‭, ‬and is expected to attract 25‭ ‬million visits‭, ‬70%‭ ‬of which are from outside the UAE‭. ‬This is the largest percentage of international visits in the history of the‭ ‬International Expo‭, ‬spanning 170‭ ‬years‭. ‬Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai will be the most spectacular event in the world for 173‭ ‬days‭, ‬and Al Wasl Square will host many live celebrations that will exceed 60‭ ‬concerts daily‭. “‬Expo 2020‭” ‬coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the UAE in 2021‭, ‬which represents an important milestone in the history of the UAE‭, ‬and over the past fifty‭ ‬years‭, ‬the country managed to amaze the world with its rapid growth and rapid achievements‭, ‬while the exhibition aims to inspire people to embrace this innovation spirit for another 50‭ ‬years‭ – ‬at least‭.‬

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