Prominent Emirati Participation at World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia

The 2nd edition of the World Defense Show 2024, held from February 4 to 8, 2024 in Riyadh, witnessed prominent Emirati participation through the UAR’s national pavilion.

Enhancing Strategic Relations

Mona Ahmed Al Jabir, Chairperson of the Emirates Defense Companies Council (EDCC) stated, “The participation of the UAE pavilion at the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia reflects the exceptional model of cooperation between the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the strong ties between the two fraternal countries and our firm commitment to enhancing the strategic relations that link the country with its most important partners.”

She added, “The participation of the national pavilion was supported by our strategic partners in the UAE government with several companies under the umbrella of EDCC participating and highlighting the most prominent Emirati defence industries and the modern solutions and systems they have developed”.

She continued: “The council aims to enhance cooperation and investment opportunities, expand communication channels between various interested parties, and enable companies to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of defence industries.”

Mona explained: “We look forward to supporting joint projects and benefiting from available capabilities, through an integrated base comprising many national companies specialized in various fields of industry and manufacturing technology. Through this base, we seek to provide the necessary support to introduce the activities of national companies and promote their products which are innovated, developed, and manufactured in the UAE.”

Distinguished Presence of Emirati Companies

For his part, Anas Nasser Al Otaiba, General Manager of EDCC, confirmed the distinguished and large presence of participating Emirati companies, which amounted to more than 20 leading companies in various sectors of defence and security industries to showcase their products made in the UAE.

Al Otaiba said, “Through our national pavilion, we focused on diversifying the products and solutions showcased by national companies, highlighting the latest systems serving advanced sectors in defence industries, including autonomous systems, cyber security, and advanced technological solutions.”

The UAE pavilion included several leading Emirati defence companies, notably “Edge Group,” “Calidus,” “Al Yahsat,” the National Factory for Security and Safety Products, and “Al Seer” for marine equipment and supplies, to showcase more than 150 advanced defence products and solutions manufactured in the UAE.

The UAE Pavilion also witnessed the participation of “Al Jundi Journal”, issued by the UAE Ministry of Defence, and “Capital Events” to present the agenda of the International Defence Exhibition “IDEX 2025.”

“Made in the UAE”

Edge Group, one of the leading and fastest-growing advanced technology and defence groups globally, showcased its manufacturing capabilities in various sectors of the defence industry. Through its 17 subsidiary companies, Edge unveiled over 50 advanced defence products and solutions bearing the “Made in the UAE” mark in the fields of air, land, and sea systems, including high-performance weapons, precision-guided ammunition, small arms, ammunition, and independent systems.

Moreover, it presented its services in the field of technological development for defence and security industries and electronic warfare solutions.

Meeting the Needs of Military and Security Institutions

Calidus, a member of EDCC, showcased its leading products in the aviation and ground systems sectors, from high-performance aircraft to multi-purpose armoured vehicles.

Notable exhibits included the “Badr-250” light fighter aircraft, the eight-wheeled armoured and armed vehicle “Wahsh,” and the four-wheeled “MCAV,” along with its outstanding engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

This diverse selection of advanced solutions meets the needs of military and security institutions worldwide.

Cutting-edge Solutions in Satellite Communication

Visitors to the UAE National Pavilion were briefed on the latest solutions in advanced satellite communication systems through YahSat, a leading satellite communication company specialising in providing integrated communication services via satellites for various sectors across the Middle East, Africa, Central and South-West Asia, as well as Australia and Europe.

YahSat showcased a variety of solutions catering to both the military and government sectors, including satellite communication systems and solutions on YahSat and Thuraya satellites.

These included satellite communication services for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and infantry soldiers, as well as maritime platforms and vehicles.

The Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T-TAC) systems, which convert field radio system waves into satellite communications, garnered significant interest from exhibition visitors.

The system enables infantry soldiers to achieve effective communication between soldiers in different fields and operations centres, regardless of distance and obstacles between them.

The National Factory for Security and Safety Products exhibited numerous products that meet a wide range of needs across various sectors, including military, security, industry, construction, oil and gas onshore and offshore fields, and engineering, all produced with precise and carefully planned schedules, adhering to approved security and safety standards while maintaining quality throughout various manufacturing stages.

In the maritime sector, Al Seer Marine Equipment and Supplies Company provided a range of services tailored to meet the needs of ships through a team of highly experienced professionals.

Deals Worth 26 Billion Saudi Riyals

The World Defense Show is one of the prominent specialised exhibitions in the military industry. This year’s edition, themed “Equipped for Tomorrow,” featured a range of distinctive programs over five days that enriched the defence and security industries.

These programs included the Defense Space Platform, Future Defense Platform, Women in Defense Program, and Future Talents Program, among others, highlighting key achievements, discussing significant challenges, and paving the way for future cooperation and growth in the defence industry.

The 2nd edition of the World Defense Show 2024 concluded with the signing of 61 purchase contracts worth 26 billion Saudi Riyals.

The Show featured 773 exhibitors and 441 official delegations representing 116 countries, attracting 106,000 visitors. Additionally, 73 agreements were signed, including 17 industrial partnership agreements, throughout the event.

Coverage by: Razi Izzeddin El-Hadmi – Photography by: Abdullah Al Suwaidi

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