Mansoor bin Mohammed opens GISEC Global 2024

On April 23, 2024, H.H. Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Ports and Borders Security Council, opened GISEC Global 2024, the Middle East and Africa’s largest and most impactful cyber security event.

With the participation of over 750 exhibiting brands in the cybersecurity sector and the attendance of more than 20,000 cyber professionals from over 130 countries, Dubai witnessed a united effort to combat digital threats in the field of cybersecurity.

Held for three days, the 13th edition of GISEC from May 23rd to 25th represents a distinctive platform to enhance cooperation within the global cybersecurity community.

Organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted by the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the exhibition, facilitated by the Dubai Cyber Security Council, attracted a select group of top companies, institutions, and technology giants from various countries worldwide.

Panel Discussions and Work Shops

The GISEC 2024 delved into topics concerning smart cities, cybersecurity capabilities, and the global landscape of fraud operations, with artificial intelligence being a central theme in the majority of discussion sessions, featuring representatives from over 10 key industrial sectors participating in the event.

These sectors include oil and gas, education, retail, defence, and law enforcement from more than 130 countries, where event attendees learned about enhancing these new innovative technologies for cybersecurity capabilities.

Discussions featured a comprehensive track on defence and protection against cyber-attacks, with experts covering diverse topics ranging from asset protection to exploring countries’ efforts in defending their networks against cyber attacks in the era of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, speakers ranging from technology to cybersecurity experts discussed methods for providing electronic protection for smart cities by integrating artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things technologies.

350 Expert Speakers and CISOs

More than 350 expert speakers and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), alongside 1,000-plus ethical hackers, are also convening under the show’s ‘AI-driven cyber-resilience’ theme to detangle and demystify the rising global threats of the dark cybercriminal underworld, as they deliver 300-plus hours of immersive content across nine conference and workshop stages.

An extensive conference programme with 300+ hours of future-oriented content will promote a new enhanced experience with exciting highlights spanning everything from the inaugural series of executive boardrooms and conference roundtables to the new cyber defence track discussing the mitigation plans and weaponry against rising threats.

The 2024 agenda will also launch the most awaited Ask the Hacker Q&A sessions and the spotlight on True Stories where the audience will hear world-class CISOs narrating true horror stories around billion-dollar ransomware attacks, financial frauds, celebrity phone hacks, and more, for the first time on stage.

First Live Global CyberDrill

Exclusive cybersecurity experiences will take place during the three-day event, including the inaugural edition of the Global CyberDrill, a realistic simulation assessing critical targets and engaging experts from CERTs, CIRTs and CSIRTs hailing from over 100 countries, fostering global cooperation to mitigate cyber threats.

Diverse Competitions

Dubai security teams from several government entities will for the first time join the new Capture the Flag competition in partnership with the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), GISEC Global’s official government cybersecurity partner while flourishing start-ups from all across the region will compete on the most awaited Unlock Pitch Competition at the returning GISEC Cyber Stars.

GISEC Cyber Excellence Awards

Showing its appreciation for the most prominent and visionary players in the Middle East and Africa’s cybersecurity industry, GISEC Global this year will see the launch of the inaugural GISEC Cyber Excellence Awards in partnership with the UAE Cybersecurity Council and the United Cybersecurity Alliance.

Another brand-new feature designed to showcase the best of open-source projects, tools, and solutions, GISEC Armory will offer developers and experts a unique opportunity to display their work and connect with like-minded professionals in the cybersecurity space.

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