The Museum of the Future adds robot dog to its smart collection

Dubai’s Museum of the Future has added an advanced robot to its collection of smart robots.

The new robot, which looks like a dog is considered a model for the new generation of advanced robots, and it has several features supported by artificial intelligence such as the ability to see in 3D and boasting 17 joints that enable its smooth movement.

Visitors of the museum will see the new robot as it welcomes them in the corridors and shows off its flexibility and advanced design.

“The new robot represents the latest addition to our collection of smart and advanced robots”, Said Majed Al Mansouri, Deputy Executive Director of the Museum of the Future.

Furthermore, Al Mansouri added that through the new robot and the ” Ameca” robot before it, the Museum of the Future gives visitors the opportunity to interact with robots that possess artificial intelligence systems among the most advanced in the world.

Al Mansouri invited everyone to visit the museum and learn about the new robot and various other robots in the museum and the latest technologies that will contribute to shaping humanity’s future through artificial intelligence solutions.

The new robot was designed and built by the US-based “Boston Dynamics” and uses its 3D vision to map the terrain and avoid obstacles.

The robot can keep its balance on uneven ground, climb stairs and navigate rough terrain.

The robot’s design allows it to perform a variety of tasks, and it can be remotely operated and has integrated artificial sensors.

Al Jundi

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