Advanced Semiconductor Chips… Key Enablers of Future UAE Industries

The United Arab Emirates has bolstered its position as a global hub for advanced technology and artificial intelligence through international partnerships in the advanced semiconductor industry, recognising it as a cornerstone for future innovation and creativity.

Strategic Sector

Early on, the UAE recognised the importance of investing in advanced semiconductors, enhancing its foreign investments in this vital sector. In 2009, Mubadala established GlobalFoundries, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing companies.

Moreover, the UAE is meeting the global demand for advanced and complex semiconductors by accelerating its investments worldwide and partnering with leading global tech companies.

These efforts aim to balance supply and demand, especially in rapidly growing markets. Semiconductors are fundamental to many technologies that societies rely on daily, including chips used in smartphones, display screens, smart devices, cars, advanced manufacturing, robotics, and technologies used in schools and hospitals.

Advanced semiconductor chips have become crucial resources that modern societies cannot do without, highlighting their significant current importance.

Improving the Lives of Current and Future Generations

The establishment of the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Council in Abu Dhabi and the technology investment company MGX provides a new drive for enabling, developing, and employing advanced technology to improve the lives of current and future generations. The company’s investment strategy focuses on three main areas: AI infrastructure (including data centres and communication), semiconductors (including the design and manufacture of memory and logical processing units), and core AI technologies and applications (including AI models, software, data, life sciences, and robotics).

Developing Advanced Technology for Humanity

MGX aims to develop AI and advanced technology to build a future where technology plays a significant role in serving humanity and enhancing well-being, sustainability, and global communication. This vision strengthens the UAE’s position as a magnet for investors, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals in the tech sector.

Both Mubadala and G42 have a robust and wide-ranging investment base in highly critical sectors. G42 is a global company specialising in AI technology, operating in cloud computing, advanced data centres, and specialised AI applications, from financial services to smart cities.

Mubadala has played a transformative role in the journey of AMD and established GlobalFoundries, a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturing company. It is also a significant investor in software, life sciences, and new commerce sectors.

GlobalFoundries recently announced plans to expand its global presence with a new factory in Singapore, with an investment exceeding AED 15 billion, in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board and contributions from some of its clients.

As a trusted provider to over 250 clients worldwide, GlobalFoundries collaborates with these clients and governments to expand its industrial activities globally. The demand for semiconductor chips is experiencing unprecedented growth, with global sales expected to double. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reported that global semiconductor sales totalled $137.7 billion in the first quarter of 2024, marking a 15.2% increase compared to the first quarter of 2023, though slightly down by 5.7% from the fourth quarter of 2023.

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