Army Doctrine

The UAE Armed Forces have once again proven their exceptional ability to sow the seeds of unity in battlefields and help warring parties overcome their conflicts and disputes according to the international ethics and laws.
As we proudly welcome back our valiant armed forces returning from Yemen, we have to recall some of their heroic achievements, most notably liberating more than 80% of its territories and training Yemeni forces to help them run their country professionally and effectively.
The UAE has never had any hidden interest and ill intent towards Yemen as was being promoted by the hostile media. Rather, 108 brave Emirati soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of Yemenis against injustice & aggression. Numbers and actions always speak lauder than tendentious news and misleading campaigns.
The UAE has always extended a helping hand to its brothers in the region on all levels.  Humanitarianly, it provided more than AED 20 billion in aid to Yemen over the last four years, most of which spent on development projects and the rest on humanitarian relief programmes, benefiting millions of Yemenis. It also built and renovated several hospitals, schools, power plants and public facilities to ensure the provision of decent lives for all Yemenis.
On the military side, the UAE has engaged in the Arab coalition to help restore peace and unity in Yemen, although it knows beforehand that its mission would not obviously be easy and it has to fight on many different fronts, (Houthis, Muslim Brotherhood besides other extremist groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda).
This came after the Houthi militias had gone too far and bypassed 4 agreements and treaties concluded between the conflicting parties in Yemen. Not only that, but they also turned against legitimacy and imposed its influence on Yemen, posing a real threat to the entire region including Saudi Arabia.
This is why Saudi Arabia formed the Arab coalition in accordance with Chapter VII of Security Council Resolution 2216, to support the legitimacy in Yemen and demonstrate our sincerity and readiness to sacrifice for the sake of our brothers’ peace and security in the region.

Al Jundi

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