UAE is world leader in health sector, successful model for anticipating future trends: Minister Al Owais

On World Health Day, the UAE celebrates half a century of qualitative achievements made by the health sector, becoming a world leader and a successful model for anticipating future trends, readiness and flexibility in responding to changes, said Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention.

This readiness is based on a forward-looking roadmap for ensuring proactive, comprehensive, interconnected and innovative health services supported by digital technologies and reliable big data, he said in a statement to Al-Jundi, a journal published by the UAE Ministry of Defence.

With the support and guidance of its wise leadership, the UAE has succeeded in establishing an integrated healthcare system that applies the best international practices to improve the quality of life in the UAE, preserve gains and sustain achievements, based on the “We Are the UAE 2031″ strategy and the UAE Centennial 2071, Al Owais explained.

He added that these achievements made in the UAE’s health sector constitute a source of inspiration for creating advanced mechanisms for anticipating the future, employing predictive data technology and enabling future health services and smart systems as a strategic priority.

Therefore, the minister pointed out, the UAE began developing the health system early to make it proactive, flexible, and fully prepared for any health emergency.

In addition, it allowed the private medical sector to contribute effectively, within a national strategic framework and an action plan with clear goals to establish a health system based on sustainability and the integration of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence in health services. This will ensure a prosperous future for generations, in which the state will continue its march on the path of excellence and leadership, Al Owais said.

The UAE has an influential and effective international presence and continues to fulfil its obligations in supporting global humanitarian efforts and enhancing the efficiency of health systems in the world, by providing them with vaccinations and medical supplies to prevent future epidemics and chronic diseases to increase the length of a healthy life.

Furthermore, the minister stressed that the UAE supports digital transformation in the healthcare sector worldwide and the use of big data and others, which has become a global trend to develop a new and integrated approach to face any future challenges and ensure the health of future generations.

The UAE ranked first in the world in 14 health indicators in 2022 and first in the Arab and Gulf countries in 6 other indicators, according to the Prosperity Index 2021, the Global Talent Report and the Sustainable Development Goals Index Report 2022, he pointed out.

Moreover, Al Owais emphasised that, in an unprecedented global achievement, the World Health Assembly adopted for the first time in its history, a draft resolution to enhance the quality of healthy life led by the UAE, an achievement that reflects its global position as a country of global strategic weight.

“On this occasion, I am pleased to extend my thanks and appreciation to all health and technical leaders and cadres in the health sector, and strategic partners from government and private agencies, foremost of which is the Ministry of Defence,” the minister noted.

Al Jundi

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