Community awareness is a national necessity

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When we talk about community awareness, we mean by it the sharing of common awareness in the entire community, to be an impregnable fortress against the challenges that plague the world, and the challenges that the UAE faces in particular.

It should be noted here about some of the platforms that have appeared recently and that have been exploited by tendentious and haters, even traitors to our dear country, to attract the largest possible number of individuals in the Emirati society, and to exploit the good seed in them, which is the defence of the homeland and its gains. Hence, the importance of community awareness that create national responsibility that bridges those gaps that traitors exploit in directing their goals and places of their subversive activities.

We saw the amount of impulsion from some, which made them a source for spreading news and topics that might offend the state, or affect people with kind hearts, and that if we looked at the other side of consciousness, we would neglect and not rush, but direct the matter to concerned people to respond to the arguments, seditions and fabrications that those traitors were spreading through those digital platforms, the confrontation will have a benefit and feasibility that refute their claim about our dear homeland, which offered them every precious and cheap, but rather offered them what they had not dreamed of until this moment.

Also, everyone must know the importance of searching for that platform well before we open our doors to it and our phones, which are full of pictures, videos and personal data placed by those platforms that science and scientists have proven that they are platforms with no protection or rights, but rather a way to spy on users and steal their data and images, but rather recording everything that happens on these platforms in terms of conversations and writings will be irrefutable evidence of the involvement of some, and even blackmail them through them, whether by publishing pictures or conversations and videos. This issue is very important and needs national community awareness that everyone must play an effective role in facing those challenges that are facing society and its aim is to destabilize the security and stability of society, to implement external agendas from which these traitors seek.

The other question is: Is it useful for us to negotiate with those who sold their homeland in order to achieve the goals of our enemies, whereas, it is better for them to fulfill their commitment to their homeland, the homeland of their families and friends, the homeland of humanity, the homeland which gave them so much, so why are they exceeding limits? Are their hearts dead void of chivalry, or they can not return to their home because they will be blackmailed by the terrorist who implicated them in many betrayals?!

Finally, I address my speech to the Emirati youth who care for their country; you must beware of being lured by these traitors. Your country is exceptional and your leadership is unique and wise, and it has experience in dealing with those traitors. Let us remain standing united behind our leadership as one heart that cannot be separated.

Al Jundi

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