Washington successfully tests an ICBM carrying 3 nuclear warheads

From the‭ “‬Vandenberg‭” ‬Air Force Base in California‭, ‬US Air Force has launched an ICBM‭, ‬which traveled about 6,760‭ ‬km over the Pacific Ocean‭, ‬before it fell into the sea near Kwajalin Island in the Marshall Islands‭.‬

The air force sources said‭, “‬The unarmed missile is equipped with three small nuclear warheads‭.”‬

The supervisor of the experiments‭, ‬Colonel Omar Colbert‭, ‬indicated that the‭ “‬Minuteman‭” ‬missile is 50‭ ‬years old‭, ‬and continuous‭ ‬testing is necessary to ensure its reliability until the thirties of the twenty-first century‭, ‬when the strategic ground deterrence program that will succeed Minuteman is deployed‭.‬

The Minuteman-3‭ ‬is the only surface-to-air missile in the US nuclear arsenal since 2005‭, ‬and it is present at launch points at three US military bases in Wyoming‭, ‬North Dakota and Montana‭.‬

For its part‭, ‬the Air Force confirmed that‭ “‬the test was planned for months and does not represent a response or reaction to events in the world or tensions in the region‭.”.‬

Al Jundi

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