The American Q-53 MMR radar

The Q-53 multi mission radar was developed and manufactured by US-based Lockheed Martin, which delivered 195 units to the military and international partners.
The Q-53 radar detects, classifies, tracks, and locates the enemy’s indirect fire, such as mortars, rockets, and artillery, while its mandate keeps expanding to include other emerging threats.
The Q-53 radar is highly reliable, and in July 2021, the US Army awarded Lockheed Martin a significant follow-up contract, demonstrating the radar’s ability to enhance future capability and maintain superior performance over peers.
These improvements, which include long-range fire support, and air and missile defense missions, allow for increased radar performance in challenging operating environments.
The Q-53 radar’s abilities are considered key enablers for these missions and a reflection of the dedication and efforts put into upgrading this technology.

Al Jundi

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