National Service recruits thank UAE’s leadership for enabling them to participate in organising Expo 2020 Dubai

The recruits of the National and Reserve Service thanked the UAE’s leadership for giving them the opportunity to participate in organising the Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s largest international event, stressing their participation will enable them to sharpen their skills and knowledge and interact with people from different cultures.

Hosting the Expo 2020 Dubai is an honour for the UAE, the Gulf and the Arab Region, they added. They will be worthy of this prominent stature and help boost the position of the UAE, and stressing they must work together to achieve global leadership for the country, they noted.

The recruits, along with thousands of volunteers, are welcoming millions of visitors to the UAE during the expo, and they will perform various duties to offer visitors a unique experience.

The participation of the recruits in the expo is due to the directives of the UAE’s leadership, which believes in the importance of unifying and harnessing all national efforts to support national activities and present a high level of organisation in line with the country’s prominent stature. The leadership also believes the event’s success will be a national achievement to be added to the country’s list of achievements.

“I would like to thank our wise leadership for giving us an opportunity to join the Expo 2020 Dubai team, which is an experience that will provide us with incredible opportunities to sharpen our knowledge and develop on personal and professional levels, said Badr Hamad Saeed Al Junaibi, one of the recruits.


Another recruit, Mohanad Ahmed Ateeq Al Shehhi, stressed his participation in the expo will enable him to acquire unprecedented professional expertise, through engaging with the best international experts.

Recruit Ahmed Khalid Al Hosani said the importance of the event lies in the exchange of expertise and knowledge between participants, as well as in exploring successful experiences in all areas, noting that every Emirati citizen and resident would be proud to participate in the event, which is a great opportunity to volunteer, sharpen one’s skills and knowledge and explore other cultures.

Al Jundi

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