Expo 2020 an exceptional event that charts better future for humanity

‮»‬‭ ‬By‭: ‬Bashar‭ ‬Akram
The importance of the‭ ‬زWorld Expo 2020س‭ ‬in Dubai does not stem from the fact that it is the first international expo to be held‭ ‬in the Middle East‭, ‬Africa and South Asia region only‭, ‬but as the largest extraordinary event in order to shape a better tomorrow for humanity and celebrate the cultures of the world and their contributions to the path of human development and making the future‭.‬
With the UAEصs pledge to present an exhibition that will remain immortal in memory by stimulating innovative ideas‭, ‬building international‭, ‬regional and national partnerships‭, ‬and finding appropriate solutions to the world’s major challenges‭, ‬immediate and‭ ‬future challenges to achieve a better and brighter future‭, ‬with the start of a new decade in human history‭.‬
Civilized rally
While Dubai seeks to make this important civilized rally bigger‭, ‬better and more important among all previous editions of the World Expo series‭, ‬Expo 2020‭ ‬is set to realize unprecedented records‭, ‬especially in the diversity of posts‭, ‬where there will be more than 200‭ ‬participants from countries‭, ‬international organizations‭, ‬international companies and educational institutions‭. ‬To date‭, ‬192‭ ‬countries have confirmed their participation in independent pavilions for the first time in the history of the International Expo‭.‬
Historical achievement
The story of‭ ‬زExpo 2020‭ ‬Dubaiس‭ ‬began on the evening of Wednesday‭, ‬the twenty-seventh of November 2013‭, ‬when the capabilities‭, ‬aspirations‭ ‬and hopes united together to achieve the UAEصs historic achievement when it won the hosting of the international event in the French capital Paris‭, ‬during which delegates of 165‭ ‬member states of the International Bureau of Exhibitions‭, ‬the responsible authority of organizing Expo exhibitions and supervising the host countries‭, ‬to choose the winning country‭, ‬as the UAE hosting offer‭ ‬strongly defeated the other offers‭.‬
The International Expo is one of the largest international events on earth‭, ‬and is held every five years and lasts for six months‭. ‬It is a celebration for everyone‭, ‬through which learning‭, ‬innovation and progress can be made while enjoying sharing ideas and working together‭.‬
Expo 2020‭ ‬is expected to attract 25‭ ‬million visits‭, ‬and 70%‭ ‬of visitors will be from outside the UAE‭. ‬This is the largest percentage of international visitors in the history of the International Expo for nearly 170‭ ‬years‭.‬
During the exhibition‭, ‬which is considered a milestone and one of the most anticipated international events during the current year‭, ‬60‭ ‬live shows will be held in each of its 173‭ ‬days‭, ‬and it will have rich experiences with tastes and foods from more than‭ ‬200‭ ‬outlets selling food and drinks during the global event‭.‬
Connecting Minds
Under its main slogan‭, ‬زConnecting Minds and Making the Future‭,‬س‭ ‬Expo Dubai seeks to build partnerships between people and be a‭ ‬source of dazzle and inspiration for ideas that will shape the world of tomorrow with hosting the most thoughtful and creative leaders and writers in the world‭.‬
This slogan comes as an initiative from the UAE to the world in order to create opportunities‭, ‬innovations‭, ‬solutions and partnerships that will be of direct benefit to people‭. ‬Three sub-topics will be presented during this major event‭, ‬which is‭ “‬mobility‭”‬‭, “‬opportunities‭” ‬and‭ “‬sustainability‭”.‬
The innovative sub-topics are the three engines of human progress‭. ‬They also carry challenges that cast a shadow over the entire‭ ‬world and require everyone to pay attention and commitment to providing realistic and practical solutions to the world’s problems‭.‬
The topic of opportunities stems from the fact that everyone has the ability to shape the future of tomorrow‭, ‬and‭ “‬Expo 2020‭” ‬sought to unleash the potential of individuals and societies by many means‭, ‬such as supporting a solution to a social problem through the‭ “‬Expo Life‭” ‬program‭, ‬and such as making new ideas available to visitors and inspiring them to initiate in steps or leave‭ ‬a legacy of joint action‭.‬
Expo 2020‭ ‬allows greater circulation of knowledge‭, ‬ideas and goods‭, ‬which causes it to unveil a new world‭. ‬It explores how deep‭ ‬ocean diving and spaceflight were permitted to gain insights and exchange views and how humankind has made tremendous strides greater than ever thanks to advances in digital communication‭.‬
As the planet’s population grows‭, ‬the need to live in harmony and balance with the world is more urgent than ever‭.‬
It is essential that the exhibition be one of the pioneers of alternative resources for food‭, ‬water‭, ‬clean and renewable energy‭.‬‭ ‬Expo 2020‭ ‬embraces these issues and urges everyone to think about how to preserve the planet for future generations‭.‬
Al Wasl Square
Al Wasl Square is the main milestone in the heart of the Expo 2020‭ ‬Dubai site‭, ‬its central hub‭, ‬and its roof forms the largest 360-degree display in the world‭, ‬and will host a number of huge events and celebrations during and after the event‭.‬
The dome of the circular square will be a giant screen‭, ‬providing an immersive 360-degree viewing experience‭, ‬which can be seen‭ ‬inside and outside‭.‬
The steel dome covers an area of‭ ‬16‭ ‬tennis courts‭, ‬and weighs the equivalent of 500‭ ‬elephants‭. ‬The height of the dome of Al Wasl Square reaches 67.5‭ ‬meters‭, ‬which is ten meters higher than the leaning tower of Pisa‭, ‬and with a diameter of 130‭ ‬meters‭, ‬the dome of Al Wasl Square accommodates two aircraft of the aircraft type The A380‭ ‬supercomputer‭, ‬the world’s largest passenger transport double-decker plane‭.‬
The construction works have been completed in the 3‭ ‬subject areas‭, ‬which include 86‭ ‬multi-use buildings distributed over 3‭ ‬petals‭, ‬which are opportunities‭, ‬sustainability and mobility‭, ‬which represent the three topics of Expo‭, ‬and completion certificates were received from Dubai Municipality‭.‬
By next April‭, ‬all mobility‭, ‬sustainability and opportunity pavilions will be completed‭, ‬after which the trial run will be launched until next September‭.‬
60‭ ‬Activities
Expo 2020‭ ‬extends over an area of‭ ‬4.38‭ ‬km in Dubai South‭. ‬It is close to Al Maktoum International Airport‭, ‬and is easily accessible from Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport‭, ‬and from the ports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi‭. ‬The site will have a metro station capable of‭ ‬carrying 36,000‭ ‬passengers per hour‭.‬
The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is planning to finish the final stages of the implementation of the Dubai Metro Route 2020‭ ‬project‭, ‬which is expected to be officially opened at the end of May‭, ‬the track that will link the current Nakheel Harbor and‭ ‬Tower station with the Expo site‭.‬
The Track 2020‭ ‬project was awarded to the‭ “‬Expolink‭” ‬alliance‭, ‬which includes French and Spanish companies at a cost of 10.6‭ ‬billion dirhams‭, ‬as it works on implementing the project to ensure the highest levels of comfort for metro users‭, ‬within the specified time frame‭.‬
Economic effects
Expo is expected to create important employment opportunities‭, ‬trade and investment opportunities as well‭, ‬not only for Dubai and the Emirates‭, ‬but also for the Middle East‭, ‬North Africa and South Asia region‭, ‬leaving sustainable economic impacts‭.‬
The exhibitionصs positive impact on the UAEصs relations with the world‭, ‬as well as its local economic impact‭, ‬which is paving the way for more business between local companies and their international counterparts‭,‬
An independent study published by the international company‭, “‬Ernst‭ & ‬Young‭”, ‬working in the field of financial auditing and consulting services‭, ‬stated that the UAE’s investment in the exhibition will return an economic revenues of 122.6‭ ‬billion dirhams during the period from 2013‭ ‬to 2031‭, ‬while supporting job opportunities totaling 905‭ ‬thousands‭, ‬and 200‭ ‬years of work during the‭ ‬same period‭.‬
The study indicated that during the six months of Expo activities‭, ‬the event is expected to contribute up to 1.5%‭ ‬of the UAE’s GDP‭.‬
‭”‬Expo 2020‭” … ‬the biggest
‭ ‬celebration
The‭ “‬Expo Dubai 2020‭” ‬is a world celebration‭, ‬the largest of its kind in the history of the World Expo‭, ‬and its visitors will be‭ ‬amazed by many impressive events throughout its days‭.‬
The three Expo pavilions‭, “‬Opportunities‭”, “‬Mobility‭” ‬and‭ “‬Sustainability‭”, ‬will inspire visitors to create a space for innovation and creativity and provide an atmosphere of optimism that can make a lasting positive impact in the world‭.‬
its worth-mentipning that Expo2020‭ ‬will include 192‭ ‬National Pavilions‭. ‬

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