Dubai Expo.. A Future Compass for the Post-pandemic World

Dubai 2020 Expo- scheduled on October 1- March 31, 2022- represents a source of hope and offers a venue to celebrate the victory of humanity over the coronavirus, which has significantly affected all aspects of life and left long-term repercussions.
Dubai Expo is on top of the world’s agenda for next year as a large-scale inclusive international exhibition bringing together more than 190 countries that will participate with the hope of reaping benefits, fastening their economic recovery and showcasing their tourist, investment and cultural attractions as well as fostering trade and diplomatic ties at a key international memorable event. During this major exhibition, the UAE will host nations and peoples within an atmosphere of hope and cooperation for a better and more sustainable future. It is also a chance to celebrate cultures of different countries and their creativity and innovation.
The diversity of the exhibition and the vast issues that will be discussed amid a large participation of countries and renowned institutions and international NGOs, will make of the Dubai Expo a much needed compass that is designed to guide the world to the best choices to recover from the Covid-19 fallout. This event is also aimed at helping participants collectively draw a post-pandemic future roadmap. The exhibition will also serve as a tourist and entertainment attraction after tourism and international travel took a hit in 2020 due to the coronavirus. Millions of visitors and tourists from across the globe are expected in Dubai to attend the event and enjoy its rich cultural, artistic and touristic offer in addition to discovering different cultures, tourist attractions, cultural heritage and history of the participating countries. Dubai Expo is therefore meant to be an inclusive event open to humanity as a whole.
Firm commitment
Dubai 2020 Expo has responded with flexibility to the challenges of the pandemic and forged ahead with all preparatory aspects and works pertaining to the global event.
After completing the permanent facilities on the Expo site in late 2019, efforts focused in 2020 on preparing natural scenery and equipping the Dubai Expo-owned buildings. In the same vein, the pavilions are rapidly being prepared showing strong commitment of participants towards this global exhibition.
The World Expo’s governing body decided in May 2020 to delay the event by one year to 2021. This move is reflective of the UAE’s ability to mobilize support for joint action and comprehensive coordination at the world level to back a vote in favor of the delay by member states of the World Expos governing body. The decision also maintained the appellation Dubai 2020 Expo.
As October 1, 2021, the date of the event’s kickoff nears, the UAE is fully prepared to host the first World Expo to be ever staged in the Middle East, Africa or South Asia. All working teams in different vital local and federal sectors are now ready to welcome the 190 participating countries as they expect to receive millions of visitors to a unique exhibition venue that combines architectural art with the latest technology with a view to promoting cooperation and achieving on the ground the theme of “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future.”
Through this event, the UAE invites the World to celebrate life and enjoy this mega-exhibition that ambitions to reconnect people, cultures and society members after the disruption created by the Covid-19 outbreak. Held in a unique architectural jewel, the Expo will feature a diverse daily program of artistic, entertainment, cultural and technical and culinary activities. It is also meant to leave a positive impact on humanity through promoting creativity and optimism in the face of challenges.
Inclusive forum
Dubai 2020 Expo is recognized worldwide as an inclusive forum to discuss key issues and share views on the challenges facing humanity. The event will offer a platform for dialogue drawing experts to present their knowledge and expertise on different issues on top of which the mechanisms to counter and respond to the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic at the medical, economic, social, social and human levels.
Dubai 2020 Expo will outperform its predecessors in terms of the effectiveness of international participation and its inclusiveness. The challenges the world is undergoing show the importance of effective cooperation between states and highlight the relevance of the principle of partnership as the way forward to counter challenges and to invent innovative solutions leading to a better future for humanity. Therefore, all participants are set to draw maximum benefits from the event and foster efforts to promote cooperation and solidarity between countries and peoples.
Facing challenges
As a global platform for constructive dialogue drawing experts and showcasing knowledge, Dubai Expo to schedule thematic weeks that are complementary. Each week will focus on a vital issue of interest to the entire humanity, including health and wellbeing, urban and rural development, climate, biodiversity, tolerance, inclusiveness, food, agriculture, space and water. Every week will feature a series of activities, conferences and workshops in which different countries can contribute to enrich the 2020 Expo, one of the most diverse and dynamic events to be ever held. Light will also be shed on other pressing challenges such as climate change, disparities and environmental degradation.
The special thematic weeks and international days to be held during Dubai Expo are aimed at encouraging participants and visitors to explore key global issues and trigger joint action to address them in line with the goal of the event in bringing the world together to facilitate action towards meeting the sustainable development goals.
Moreover, Dubai Exhibition Center, located on the site of the Expo, will host through-out the duration of the event a rich series of exhibitions, specialized conferences starting with the Global Government Summit, the Global Summit of Islamic Economy and other international events. This will further enrich the agenda and activities of Dubai Expo and highlight its importance in exploring the future of different sectors from a global perspective.
Inspiring innovation
As the world stands on the verge of unprecedented transformations imposed by the pandemic, Dubai Expo will highlight the role of the fourth industrial revolution in addressing the pressing issues currently facing the world.
During the event, Etisalat, a key Expo partner, will deliver 5G internet on site while exhibited robots and innovative inventions will offer visitors unmatched experiences.
The Expo is also meant to underscore the innovation program to support researchers and the Expo Live program as well as to show how good ideas are used in the program of best world practices. These are all initiatives that aim at helping millions of people in marginalized societies across the globe. The event is therefore a chance to spur solutions to challenges by relying on innovation and using advanced technology in addition to promoting cooperation, the exchange of ideas, inspire solutions that ensure the progress of humanity at all levels, notably in the industrial and environmental fields.
Showcasing creativity
As part of its commitment to encourage positive change through cooperation and the exchange of ideas, Dubai 2020 Expo aspires through its best practices program and other initiatives to encourage innovative solutions to current global challenges through mobilizing creative skills that are able to come forward with solutions. In this regards, this program affirms the commitment of Dubai Expo towards projects that are much needed to achieve the world’s ambitions. It also mirrors the steady efforts undertaken by the UAE to create a positive momentum concerning a set of main global issues. Therefore, the projects listed in this program will benefit from a unique platform that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and international cooperation and inspire action towards meeting sustainable development goals in line with the theme of “connecting minds and creating the future.”
Expo Dubai will also offer a chance to expose these solutions as part of its quest to inspire innovative solutions and come up with watershed ideas through promoting cooperation to achieve a better future for humanity. A special area will be dedicated to this program within the Dubai 2020 Expo. Sustainable development goals in particular will reverberate multiple times within this international event, including through the opportunities pavilion, where visitors can discover how to unlock the full potential of individuals and societies to build a prosperous and sustainable future for all.
Expo 2020 program for global best practices was set up in 2018 under the theme: “Small Steps, Big Leaps, Solutions for a Sustainable Impact.” It reflects a belief that achieving sustainable development goals by the 2030 deadline requires locally adaptable solutions. Each chosen project will tackle one of the 17 sustainable development goals, including eradicating poverty, improving quality education and promoting decent work as well as economic development, affordable clean energy and climate action. In this respect, this program aims at encouraging solutions to meet these goals and adapting these to different global societies notably at the post-coronavirus context.
By: Bashar Akram (Business journalist)

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