Under the Patronage of HH. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid – Al bowardi opens Dubai air chiefs & air defence conference

Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum‭, ‬Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE‭, ‬and Ruler of Dubai‭, ‬the 10th Dubai International Air Chiefs Conference‭ (‬DIACC‭) ‬opened on November 11‭, ‬2021‭ ‬at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai‭, ‬United Arab Emirates‭.‬

Organised by SPPS‭, ‬DIACC‭ ‬–‭ ‬the UAE’s official air power conference‭ ‬–‭ ‬is supported by the UAE Ministry of Defense and the UAE Air Force and Air Defense‭.‬

DIACC marks the start of Dubai Airshow 2021‭ ‬and held its landmark 10th edition on November 13‭, ‬2021‭. ‬Having become one of the largest and most prestigious international gatherings of air force chiefs of staff and commanders anywhere in the world since it was established in 2003‭, ‬DIACC brought together international participation from more than seventy delegations‭.‬

Among others‭, ‬key participants included senior commanders from Algeria‭, ‬Argentina‭, ‬Armenia‭, ‬Australia‭, ‬Azerbaijan‭, ‬Bahrain‭, ‬Bangladesh‭, ‬Belarus‭, ‬Belgium‭, ‬Brazil‭, ‬Bulgaria‭, ‬Canada‭, ‬Chile‭, ‬China‭, ‬Colombia‭, ‬Cyprus‭, ‬Czech Republic‭, ‬Denmark‭, ‬Egypt‭, ‬Estonia‭, ‬Ethiopia‭, ‬Finland‭, ‬France‭, ‬Germany‭, ‬Greece‭, ‬Holland‭, ‬Hungary‭, ‬India‭, ‬Indonesia‭, ‬Iraq‭, ‬Israel‭, ‬Japan‭, ‬Jordan‭, ‬Kazakhstan‭, ‬Kingdom of‭ ‬Morocco‭, ‬Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‭, ‬Kuwait‭, ‬Lebanon‭, ‬Malaysia‭, ‬Mauritania‭, ‬Mexico‭, ‬Namibia‭, ‬New Zealand‭, ‬Nigeria‭, ‬Norway‭, ‬Pakistan‭, ‬Poland‭, ‬Portugal‭, ‬Qatar‭, ‬Romania‭, ‬Russia‭, ‬Serbia‭, ‬Singapore‭, ‬Slovakia‭, ‬South Africa‭, ‬South Korea‭, ‬Spain‭, ‬Sri Lanka‭, ‬Sudan‭, ‬Sultanate of Oman‭, ‬Sweden‭, ‬Switzerland‭, ‬Tanzania‭, ‬Thailand‭, ‬Tunisia‭, ‬Ukraine‭, ‬United Kingdom‭, ‬United States of America‭, ‬Uzbekistan‭ ‬and Vietnam‭.‬

A high-level contingent of the world’s leading defense and aerospace companies including from Gold Sponsors to DIACC‭ ‬–‭ ‬Lockheed Martin‭, ‬Raytheon Emirates‭, ‬Dassault Aviation‭ ‬–‭ ‬and Associate Sponsors‭ ‬–‭ ‬Boeing‭, ‬MBDA Systems‭, ‬Saab‭, ‬Pratt‭ & ‬Whitney and General Atomics Aeronautical systems‭ ‬–participated in this edition’s‭  ‬proceedings with senior executives from different regions in special attendance‭.‬

DIACC was inaugurated with a keynote address from Mohammed bin Ahmad Al Bowardi‭, ‬Cabinet Member and Minister of State for Defense Affairs of the United Arab Emirates‭, ‬on behalf of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum‭, ‬Vice President and Prime‭ ‬Minister of the United Arab Emirates‭, ‬and Ruler of Dubai‭.‬

Addressing the distinguished local‭, ‬regional and international participants at the 10th DIACC‭, ‬Al Bowardi reiterated the importance of international cooperation in meeting future challenges and highlighted the key role of new technology and new concepts in‭ ‬unlocking advantages for the future‭.‬

‭”‬Dubai Airshow has been significantly contributing to the development of air forces around the world since its launch in 1989‭. ‬The innovative concepts and ideas that we have discussed in the previous editions of Dubai Airshow has been reflected in the current capabilities and technologies of our air planes‭. ‬We have to consolidate our efforts‭, ‬endeavors and creativity to solve persistent and future challenges to guard security‭, ‬peace and development in our countries‭,” ‬he said‭.‬

The keynote address was followed by a welcome speech from Major General Staff Pilot Rashed Mohammed Al Shamsi‭, ‬Deputy Commander‭ ‬of the United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defense‭, ‬who spoke about the importance of this year’s DIACC and Dubai Airshow‭. ‬He spoke about the changing nature of warfare and evolution of air power with multi-domain operations‭, ‬while highlighting the readiness of the UAE Air Force and Air Defense to counter regional threats‭.‬

The first plenary session focused on‭ “‬Information Dominance‭: ‬Employing an All-Domain Operational Strategy‭” ‬and featured a high-level lineup of senior leaders including General Charles Q‭. ‬Brown‭, ‬Jr‭., ‬Chief of Staff‭, ‬United States Air Force‭, ‬General J.D‭. (‬Dennis‭) ‬Luyt‭, ‬Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Major General Staff Pilot Ibrahim Nasser Al Alawi‭, ‬Commander of the‭ ‬UAE Air Force‭ & ‬Air Defence‭. ‬Mike Shoemaker‭, ‬a retired vice admiral from the United States Navy and Vice President of F35‭ ‬Customer Programs at Lockheed Martin‭, ‬chaired the first session‭.‬

The first presenter‭, ‬General Charles Q‭. ‬Brown‭, ‬Jr‭., ‬Chief of Staff‭, ‬United States Air Force‭, ‬addressed the topic of‭ “‬Seizing the‭ ‬Information Advantage‭: ‬Employing on All-Domain Operational Strategy Against a Future Disruptive Threat‭.” ‬He addressed the new dynamics of information power and its importance in integrated approaches for multi-domain and joint all domain operations for air force‭.‬

The second presenter‭, ‬Lieutenant General J.D‭. (‬Dennis‭) ‬Luyt‭, ‬Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force‭, ‬offered strategic perspectives on‭ “‬Interconnected Sensors‭: ‬Incorporating Future Space and Cyber Capabilities into All-Domain Operations‭.” ‬He stressed‭ ‬on the importance of fusing the space and cyberspace domains into future air operations‭, ‬highlighting both the opportunities and challenges associated in doing so‭.‬

Major General Staff Pilot Ibrahim Nasser Al Alawi‭, ‬Commander of the UAE Air Force‭ & ‬Air Defence‭, ‬concluded the first session with a presentation on‭ “‬Information Protection‭: ‬Addressing the MDO Security and Information Reliability Challenges‭.”‬

He reviewed the strategic challenges with information reliability and security in multi-domain operations‭, ‬underlining the need‭ ‬for air forces to strategically focus on the complex challenges of information protection‭. ‬The three main presentations were followed by an interactive panel discussion session led by Mr‭. ‬Shoemaker to bring together a rich set of insights and views on how‭ ‬air forces need to rethink and prioritize approaches in the search for information dominance‭.‬

The second plenary session of DIACC focused on the highly significant area for air forces of‭ “‬Joint All-Domain Command and Control‭: ‬Building an Agile and Resilient Combat Network‭,” ‬and featured another high-level lineup of senior leaders including Lieutenant General Al D‭. ‬Meinzinger‭, ‬Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force‭, ‬Air Marshal Gerry Mayhew CBE‭, ‬Deputy Commander‭ (‬Operations‭) ‬of the Royal Air Force and Lieutenant General Gregory Guillot‭, ‬Commander of the Ninth Air Force‭ (‬Air Forces Central‭), ‬Southwest Asia‭, ‬United States‭. ‬Jon Norman‭, ‬Retired‭ – ‬Major General‭ – ‬USAFR‭.‬

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