UMEX and SimTEX 2020 conference will be held with the attendance of 600 participants

The conference was launched under the motto of “Adaptation between manned and unmanned systems in the era of smart systems”. This conference is organized by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company “ADNEC” in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the General Command of the Armed Forces. His Excellency Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Bowardi said in his opening speech: “I am pleased to welcome you to the UMEX and SimTEX 2020 conference, which is held on the land of the Emirates, the homeland of will and ambition, the homeland of progress and creativity, the homeland of science and work, the homeland of tolerance, peace and openness.” He added that the UAE has become, with wisdom and the vision of its leadership and its open policies, a model to be emulated among countries with the impressive successes and achievements it has accomplished in a short time in various fields of life, in cooperation with our partners and friendly countries around the world.

The conference discussed the most innovative solutions to challenges, and ways to foresee the future in a world where scientific developments and innovations are accelerating and where reliance on unmanned systems and artificial intelligence is increasing.

The conference also touched on the latest scientific and technological developments in these fields, as well as creating an ideal platform for sharing and exchanging the best practices that are used and constantly evolving, while the conference will provide the attendees and participating speakers an opportunity to explore and develop a deeper understanding of the difficult challenges facing humanity today. The conference attracted an elite of experts, academic researchers and global thought leaders to exchange views and explore the challenges and opportunities that emerged as a result of artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution. The conference also focused on the advanced participation of unmanned system technologies and their role in achieving their full capabilities during the next decade.

The conference concluded with a speech by Dr. Yahya Al-Marzouki, Executive Director for Strategic Affairs at the Economic Balance Council, in addition to a ceremony honoring all the speakers and participants for their important contributions to this event.

Al Marzouki said: “We have had the opportunity to hear the opinions of a variety of experts on interesting topics on a topic that is getting more and more important day by day, as this type of technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives, and human capital is the cornerstone of all technologies we talked about today. The most important question is how can we develop the youth of today, given that 35 percent of the jobs they perform nowadays will not be found in the future? Tolerance is a fundamental value in this nation, and we must direct this value towards enhancing cooperation, developing technology and applying it. If it is not transferred to implementation and empowerment, then it has no value.

Al Jundi

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