MoD participates in Ru’ya Careers UAE Redefined 2022

The Emirates Ministry of Defense has participated in the activities of the 21st edition of Ru’ya, Careers UAE Redefined 2022, the main platform providing Emirati youth with employment and training, launched on September 21, 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Center.

During their visit to the MoD’s pavilion, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Emirati Human Resources Development Council in Dubai, and Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Dubai Government’s Human Resources Department, were briefed about what the ministry has to offer regarding job opportunities, training programs as well as advanced educational systems.

Driven by its belief in the pivotal role of the internationally recognized methodology of both scientific and technical training and qualification, the Ministry invited citizens to join its variety of training programs in general and its technical training and qualification project, and the nursing program in particular.

Furthermore, the pavilion provided students with a smart digital way to apply for jobs through the exhibition, which uses the smart ID reader of the applicant to gather relevant information about him/her.

By participating in this exhibition, the MoD aims to attract citizens of both genders to join the ranks of its main units, such as the Land Forces, the Navy, the Air Force, Air Defense, the Presidential Guard, Critical Infrastructure Protection, the Joint Aviation Command, the Joint Logistics Command, and participate in all the various national events.

In addition, the Ministry emphasized its role in society by providing various career opportunities in its different units for Emiratis who wish to join its ranks, explaining that joining the ranks of the Emirati military is an honor characterized by unique features rooted in the UAE’s humanitarian values, therefore joining its ranks is an honor as well as a critical way to a better future for everyone who joins it.

In the pavilion, representatives of the different military units provide visitors with a full explanation of the opportunities available in each unit, the nature of work in it, and the training and educational programs it provides for those who join it.

Al Jundi

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