IGG showcases latest Defence products & signs major deals

The UAE’s International Golden Group (IGG) participated in IDEX & NAVDEX 2023, with various major companies specialized in the defence, security and technology industries under its umbrella, with a pavilion spanning more than 1,500 square meters.

His Excellency Fadel Saif Al Kaabi, CEO of IGG said that more than 58 national and international companies specializing in the defence industries as well as military and security technologies are participating in the International Golden Group’s pavilion at IDEX and NAVDEX 2023.

Al Kaabi added that this international exhibition, held in Abu Dhabi, constitutes an important platform for Emirati and international companies that are keen to showcase their latest products, as IGG’s pavilion hosts many companies that offer advanced products in the defence and security industries, in addition to cutting-edge equipment and supplies in the land, air and sea military domains, modern communication devices, radars, unmanned autonomous vehicles and drones.

Furthermore, Al Kaabi praised Emirati expertise and products, which are keeping pace with international developments in the latest technologies and innovations in the defence and military industries sector, in line with the directives and vision of the wise leadership to improve and develop the future of this sector, as the UAE works to encourage national companies to innovate.

Al Kaabi further stressed the importance of national participation in this international event, expressing his pride in the development achieved by the UAE’s defence industries, noting that the group’s pavilion consists of dozens of companies from multiple countries, offering the latest products in technology, military manufacturing, armoured vehicles, defence industry technologies, and supplies for land and air forces, as well as security forces and police.

A strategic partner of the Armed Forces

“The International Golden Group is a leading Emirati company specialized in this field and a strategic partner for the UAE’s Armed Forces, providing military, defence industries, communications and technology solutions,” said Al Kaabi.

For his part, His Excellency Khalifa Al Baloushi, deputy CEO of IGG, said that the group signed several strategic cooperation and partnership agreements in the field of defence and military technologies with leading international and Emirati companies in the field to consolidate cooperation and exchange experiences in the fields of development and technical training and knowledge transfer after the national industries have proven their worth and progress over the recent years on every level using the capabilities of Emiratis working in the defence industries.

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