High-level representation from 97 countries at the opening ceremony of “IDEX and NAVDEX 2021”

His Excellency Major General Staff Pilot Ishaq Saleh Muhammad Al Balushi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industries and Development of Defence Capabilities at the Ministry of Defence and Vice Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee for “IDEX and NAVDEX 2021”, on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, confirmed that the participation of 59 countries, including more than 900 companies in the current edition of the exhibitions, embodies the confidence of the international community in the UAE’s ability to organize one of the most important global events in the defence and security sector in light of the current exceptional circumstances that the world is going through due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Al Balushi indicated that 5 new countries will participate in the IDEX and NAVDEX exhibitions 2021 for the first time in the region. They are gathering under their umbrella 69 companies that showcase the latest advanced technology in the defence and security industries sector, reflecting the leading global position of the two exhibitions and their influential role in the Defence and security industries worldwide.

He pointed out that the two exhibitions will witness a large international presence, as more than 97 countries have been invited around the world and welcome messages have been received from most countries by attending the opening ceremony and with high-level representation from defence ministers, chiefs of staff and decision-makers.

He noted that the momentum of participation in the current edition of IDEX and NAVDEX was based on two main factors, namely the desire of countries to enter the post-Covid-19 recovery phase and to strengthen the global economy through defence and security industries in addition to great confidence in the potential of the UAE is organizing the event, supported by a sophisticated infrastructure and able to make a difference.

He explained that the opening ceremony of the “IDEX” and “NAVDEX” exhibitions 2021 embodies the UAE’s preparations and aspirations for the next fifty years, coinciding with its golden jubilee and the vision of the late founding father and leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God have mercy upon him”, for the future of the UAE in the field of defence and security industries and space sciences. The event will be broadcasted directly through the global platforms.

Al-Balushi pointed out that more than 144 national companies participate in the two exhibitions under the umbrella of the UAE pavilion, which is the largest in terms of area, followed by the United States of America pavilion, followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, followed by the pavilion of the People’s Republic of China and then the pavilion of the Republic of France.

He added that the UAE pavilion is led by “Tawazun” and “EDGE” in terms of participation, as the “EDGE” pavilion includes under its umbrella more than 26 companies specialized in all sectors of the defence and security industries to showcase their capabilities, and modern and advanced systems in this vital sector, which will be available to visitors. 

Al Balushi said that the B250 aircraft from Calidus, the Emirati company, is participating with modern and advanced systems, in addition to the “Al-Wahsh” vehicle equipped with defence systems, the light reconnaissance vehicle “LRV” and the light combat vehicle “MCAV-20”, which are shown for the first time in “IDEX”.

Al Balushi pointed out that a dedicated field was created to display the capabilities of vehicles of the companies participating in the event, to show their ability to maneuver in front of visitors and in different terrains that simulate nature, thus enhancing the experience of the participants and visitors alike..

Al Jundi

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