EDGE to showcase acceleration of defence technology at Dubai Airshow 2021

EDGE Group‭, ‬the UAE’s advanced technology group for defence and beyond‭, ‬will have a major presence at Dubai Airshow 2021‭. ‬As the Dubai Airshow’s Defence Technology Partner‭, ‬EDGE Group will showcase its wide range of aviation‭, ‬defence and technology services to international industry leaders‭, ‬whilst supporting the‭ ‬‘Make it in the Emirates’‭ ‬campaign‭.‬

As part of the second meeting of Dubai Airshow’s Advisory Board 2021‭, ‬Khalid Al Breiki‭, ‬President of Mission Support at EDGE Group‭, ‬and member of Dubai Airshow’s Advisory Board 2021‭, ‬said‭: “‬We are confident that Dubai Airshow 2021‭ ‬will serve as a major platform from which to support the‭ ‬UAE’s‭ ‬‘Make it in the Emirates’‭ ‬campaign‭. ‬It brings key international entities to the UAE‭, ‬and brilliantly showcases the giant strides the UAE is making in the‭ ‬research‭, ‬development‭, ‬and production of superior cutting-edge products and capabilities across the fields of aviation‭, ‬aerospace‭, ‬and defence‭, ‬and EDGE Group is proud to be leading the way‭.” “‬It is also the ideal venue for the promotion and exchange of‭ ‬knowledge and expertise between the UAE and nations around world‭. ‬We are collaborating closely in this nationwide campaign with‭ ‬key partners here in the emirates‭, ‬and assisting in its key role of supporting the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s Operation by developing 300bn strategy‭, ‬which aims to strengthen the UAE’s position as a global hub for future industries‭.‬

Al Jundi

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