Deals worth AED 22 billion have been signed by the Armed Forces during four days of Dubai Airshow

On the fourth day of the Dubai Airshow 2021, the Ministry of Defence announced the conclusion of seven deals worth AED 1,742,429,000.00 with local and international companies.

This brings the total deals concluded during the first fourth days to 23 deals, with a total value of AED 22, 523,786,000.00. The deals of the first three days day amounted to AED 5,239,207,000.00, AED 11,284,837,000.00 and AED 4,257,401,000.00 respectively.

The largest deal of AED 677.3 million was awarded to International Technical Systems Trading to supply the UAE Air Force and Air Defence aircraft with systems and equipment.

This was announced in the presence of Major General Staff Pilot Ishaq Saleh Al Balushi, Executive Director of the Military Organising Committee of the Dubai Airshow 2021, and Lt. Col. Pilot Sarah Hamad Al-Hajari, official spokesman for the Dubai International Airshow 2021.

The deals concluded in the 2019 edition of Dubai Airshow were worth a total value of AED 18 billion, while those of the 2021 edition exceeded twenty billion dirhams on its third day only.

Al Jundi

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