ADIHEX 2023 releases guidelines for buying and selling weapons

Every year the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) attracts major companies that manufacture hunting weapons, as it is the only event in the UAE that allows visitors to buy hunting and shooting weapons, whose designer companies and manufacturers compete to provide the best products for hunters and shooters.

Featuring high craftsmanship, these experts offer new remarkable and rare innovations in each new edition of the exhibition, leaving their mark on the world of hunting and shooting through quality, durability and safety.


The Higher Organising Committee of ADIHEX has launched the guideline for buying and selling hunting weapons on the event’s website, as sales are subject to many terms, conditions and procedures that are clearly presented to the relevant exhibitors to ensure compliance with them.

Local and international companies and institutions wishing to participate in the “Hunting and Shooting Equipment” sector are required to obtain a participation permit from the Weapons and Hazardous Substances Office and the UAE’s Ministry of Interior to complete their bookings at ADIHEX.

Moreover, the permit must include a copy of the company’s licence issued from the competent licensing authorities, whether in the UAE or other countries. It is also important to specify the type of participation, whether it is for display only or the purpose of selling, and adhere to the approved list of materials that should be shipped prior to a specific period of launching the event, while complying with all regulations, instructions, and approved security and safety measures.

Terms and conditions

Displaying hunting weapons at ADIHEX is subject to several rules and regulations, as there should be no loose weapons on the stands or counters and all weapons must be permanently tethered, no live ammunition or explosives will be exhibited on the stands except models, dummy, inert or live cutaways to explain the innovative details of the manufacturing process.

Weapons permitted to be purchased at (ADIHEX) include hunting rifles, pistols up to 9mm, heritage swords and daggers, hunting knives, wooden and plastic archery units, and air guns of less than 8 joules which do not require a license, whereas, those who are under the legal age may purchase weapons but are subject to the consent of the parent or guardian.

Air guns that exceed 8 joules are showcased for sale but require a prior permit as per the applicable regulations, and they are deducted from the individual’s share in the number of weapons allowed to be purchased.

The purchase procedures of hunting weapons for nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and other countries include submitting a no-objection certificate or a letter from the competent licensing authority in the buyer’s country, indicating the number and types of weapons to be purchased, the person’s information and all supporting documents, to the licensing authority of the UAE Ministry of Interior. Then, obtaining a permit from the licensing authority of the UAE Ministry of Interior to purchase and receive the permit. The licensing authority available at ADIHEX will submit the purchase invoices to complete the procedures.

The weapon will be sent by the licensing authority of the UAE Ministry of Interior, to the competent licensing authority of the buyer’s country, to proceed with the licensing procedures to hand over the weapons, provided that the end-user certificate will be forwarded by the licensing authority of the buyer’s country, to the UAE licensing authority to pay for the restrictions of “items sold outside the UAE”.

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