US Army presents an Augmented Reality system for air combat training

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies are playing a major role and are making major changes to how the US military fights or trains.

A video clip in early June showed a new US Augmented Reality system that pilots use in the air to train for air combat.

American reports said that the new system, called RED 6 for augmented reality, produces virtual targets in the real dynamic environment, which enables pilots to see virtual aircraft of the virtual enemy in the online system, including when flying at high speed.

The new system allows conducting training battles with various types of warplanes of the virtual enemy and predicting the behavior of the virtual enemy in the air, thanks to the integration of augmented reality with artificial intelligence.

The reports said that the new virtual technology allows to reduce the cost of training military pilots.

The Red 6 system is expected to be installed on T-38 Talon trainers stationed at a US air base in New Mexico. It is not excluded that the system will be used in warplanes as well.

Source: TheDrive

Al Jundi

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