UAE Races Against Time to Secure Cyberspace

For years, the United Arab Emirates has intensified its efforts to establish a secure cyberspace environment, ensuring the safety of government entities, private businesses, and digital individuals amidst an unprecedented global surge in cyberattacks and threats.

The cybersecurity market in the UAE is valued at around 1.5 – 1.9 billion dirhams, according to a recent report by the International Center for Strategic Analysis in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, the UAE continues to provide secure internet networks, creating a healthy investment environment for entities and companies operating within its borders to ensure business stability and sustainability.

This is in line with the country’s efforts to transition towards a data-driven knowledge economy. The UAE has also laid out a 50-year cybersecurity plan and projections indicate that the cybersecurity market in the UAE is expected to reach 3.486 billion dirhams (approximately 950 million dollars) by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.72% between 2023 and 2028.


The International Centre stated that the UAE remains fifth in the United Nations International Telecommunication Union’s cybersecurity index, which monitors the improvement in cybersecurity awareness levels in 193 countries worldwide. This reflects the country’s awareness of the growing regional and global cyber risks.

The UAE has strengthened its cyber infrastructure through the establishment of the UAE Cybersecurity Council, the Federal Electronic Network (FEDNET), and the National Cloud. It has also launched cybersecurity and electronic security strategies, aligning with the “We the UAE 2031″ vision to position the UAE as a global cybersecurity hub.

Furthermore, the centre emphasised that the UAE possesses qualified national talents, high-level readiness, and advanced means to combat cyberattacks, especially those targeting government sectors and institutions, advancing it to top global cybersecurity indicators.

The UAE Cybersecurity Council has laid the groundwork for cooperation between national institutions and forged government and private partnerships to conduct international cyber exercises aimed at enhancing cybersecurity awareness in the country through the launch of several national initiatives.

The national cybersecurity strategy in the UAE aims to create a safe and robust cyberspace environment that enables individuals to achieve their aspirations and allows companies to develop and grow in a secure and prosperous environment.

Additionally, it supports electronic security standards through various mechanisms, encouraging the establishment of local startups in the sector and the development of the cybersecurity environment.

The centre noted that the internet has become one of the tools for global development, attracting investments, localizing technology companies, and benefiting from new technologies, leading to the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence-based fourth industrial revolution technologies.

Moreover, global internet networks have become part of the tools of global conflict.

The centre further explained that cyberattacks targeting the infrastructure of countries, particularly airports, ports, factories, and sensitive government institutions, aim either to steal data or extort substantial financial sums, necessitating the development of proactive cyber and electronic defence measures.

Al Jundi

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