UAE Cultural Messages to Anti-Covid-19 G20 Leaders’ Summit

The UAE, represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, has delivered an array of significant cultural messages to Anti-Covid-19 G20 Leaders’ Emergency Summit which was presided over by Saudi Arabia on 26 March 2020:
Belief in common humanitarian destiny which has become overlapping and interrelated by globalization whereby the Earth was turned into a “global village, a fact made evident by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s message to the Summit:” Communities in need of help and support should be assisted to demonstrate our common humanitarian destiny at best. Danger is stalking everyone without exception”.
World interdependence is the only way to counter and control the negative aspects of Covid-19 which has become a global risk for everyone. No nation, however mighty, can face this danger by itself. “Only together we can defeat and neutralize this danger”, tweeted His Highness Sheikh Mohammed after taking part in G20 Emergency Summit.
Humans’ health and welfare come first, as expressed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed in his speech to G20 Emergency Summit: “Economic success, trade growth and advanced industries are meaningless unless human lives and dignity are protected against hygiene and environmental disasters”.
The UAE is undertaking its responsibility toward the world and is committed to genuine, effective involvement in any world-level group action that aims to exterminate Covid-19 and extend a helping hand to needy nations. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed noted that since the Covid-19 breakout the UAE has announced its solidarity and cooperation with world nations to control corona virus and called for boosting the role played by involved international organizations such as UN.
It has been a steady policy for the UAE which has always expressed full, utmost readiness to contribute to regional and international efforts aimed to achieve world stability, development and peace.
Since the Covid-19 breakout the UAE has proved not only that it is able to counter threats with a unified vision and effective wise management but also its essence as a nation with a cultural and human message, an effective partner to tackle world challenges, and a nation the world can count on in time of need.

Al Jundi

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