South Korea Launches Research Centre for Defence Artificial Intelligence

The South Korean Ministry of Defence has established a research centre aimed at overseeing the development of artificial intelligence in the defence sector as part of efforts to introduce advanced technologies to the military.

The ministry stated that the centre, consisting of approximately 110 civilian and military employees, will focus on developing technologies related to AI-based manned and unmanned team systems, battlefield awareness, and applying AI technologies from the civilian sector to the military.

Moreover, Defence Minister Shin Won-sik and Science Minister Lee Jong-ho signed a memorandum of understanding between their ministries to enhance cooperation in key technology sectors deemed essential in future battlefields, such as artificial intelligence, space, semiconductors, and cyberspace.

Under the memorandum of understanding, both sides will seek to conduct research and development to enhance cooperation between the private and military sectors and utilize civilian and military infrastructure to verify research conducted by state-run universities and institutes.

The launch of the centre comes as part of South Korea’s Defence Innovation Initiative, which aims to make the military leaner and smarter based on artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

Al Jundi

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